Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Where is Pete?

I didn't realize that ESPN's Pete Thamel had to hide during Game Day because he thought he was going to get beat up by the Michigan fans.  I guess Desmond called him out about it during the broadcast.  Michigan fans might not love Pete for how he has been disseminating information about Sign-gate, but they are not going to beat him up on National TV.   Wonder if he stayed for the game and hid in the press box or got out of town?  

Unfollowing Pete on Twitter was one of the best decisions I've made in the last few weeks. 

Spartans Will go:  Since the end of the season and hiring a new coach Sparty has lost a few players including: Starting QB Katlin Houser, true freshman QB Sam Leavitt (who is from Oregon), legacy linebacker Darius Snow, offensive tackle Spencer Brown, offensive tackle Ethan Boyd and offensive guard Kevin Wigenton.  Expect many more portal jumpers as the entire MSU coaching staff was let go on Saturday.  

  • There is a thought that Michigan may look at a portal QB if JJ enters the NFL Draft.  A few big names have jumped into the portal the last few days: Miss State Will Rogers,  Utah's Nate Johnson, KSU's Will Howard, and Miami's Tyler Van Dyke. 
  • Former Wolveirne Zach Carpenter who transferred to IU, is back in the portal looking for a new home.
  • I was not happy when Michigan fired Chris Partridge.  I don't know Chris, but from the outside looking in, he seems like a good coach and a great recruiter.  The Pete Thamel's of the world reported he was fired for destroying evidence during the NCAA investigation.  He cleared that up on Monday, by releasing a statement that included the reason for his dismissal was talking to other University members about the investigation, when he was instructed not to.  
  • Big Ten Championship tickets don't seem to be too crazy in price right now.  You can get a level 600 seat for around $100.  Finding a close hotel might be a little tricky.  
  • The expectation is that Michigan will play in the Rose Bowl in the CFP.  The #1 team gets to pick location and if Georgia beats Alabama then they will probably pick the Sugar Bowl.  


Ron said...

I knew Chris Partridge didn't delete anything any evidence there was no evidence to delete he didn't know anything. None of the coaches knew anything now I did

Tom said...

Pete Thamel is behaving like the SLIME creature he is.
That's what scoundrel scum do; they throw bombs at good people and then slither away - in a way that attempts to impune the reputation of the person you tried to destroy (and failed) earlier.

Slimballs are wussies. Pettiti is one as well. They are now in trouble; Michigan won and now the facts will come out revealing the misdeads of other schools and the open attempt by other schools to conspire and destroy Michigan - motivated primarily because Michigan was successful.

Their Putsch failed. Now the slime will slither under a rock waiting for another BS story to emerge to ruin someone else's life.

You both make me sick.

Goblu said...

Partridge's tweet was pure class-act. Mich should re-hire him simply for how he handled that. Waiting was thoughtful to the kids and the school - didn't want to be a distraction. And his words were excellent.

I hope he lands someplace that is great for him.

Brady2017 said...

I hated seeing Partridge go, too. Top recruiter and rising coach. Wonder if it was media driven and Partridge was a 'sacrificial lamb'?

I'm still elated over the big O$U win.

Wonder if Cade and Erik still have their U-M playbook? Naw, that's not cheating, right? Competitive advantage?? Naw, I'm sure there's nothing to see here. Smh

We need Bryce Underwood to commit so I can relax about our QB future.

MichiganMan said...

Guys, my radar says Jim is leaving for NFL. Moore will be our head coach next year

Mich 38 Iowa 3

Blue for Life 🎉
. Happy New Year!

Thom said...

Today is Tuesday and Pete Thamel is still looking for his Big Boy pants.

Blue said...

Concerning Coach Partridge -

1) Had no knowledge of whatsoever of any in-person, or illegal scouting, or illegal sign stealing.

Thamel was at the forefront that had him destroying evidence, where thereafter other so-called journalist jumped in with more misreporting looking for clicks.

2) He's extremely disappointed by the University's (Warde's) decision to be terminated.

What's up with this AD folding again to the circus called the NCAA? As if that wasn't mind blowing enough, having the NCAA come inside Schembechler Hall to interrogate the players the week of the Maryland game is pathetic & asinine!

3) Yet continues to love and support Coach Harbaugh, along with all other coaches and the players.

The University is in the process of not only finalizing Coach Harbaugh new contract, but also working on new contract's with Coach Moore & Coach Minter where prying them away from Michigan would be much more difficult. With that I would not be surprised at all if one day Partridge is rehired again by Harbaugh, and could very well be a point brought up before Harbaugh signs.

JHall said...

I wonder if Thomas Wilcher from the MSU staff is available and if Michigan has any interest?

szanreno said...

Blue good call on the Rich Eisen clip. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Tore the Bucks a new one...

BlueManGroup said...

Looking forward to listening to Joey Galloway tonight. I expect him to go from last week saying Michigan should be #6 to now arguing OSU should be #4 because they have the best loss. Man, these buckeyes are something else....and by that, I mean something other than BIG10 Champs.

Rudy said...

There are going to be other reports coming out that will implicate suckeyes and their sycophants like Thamel and espn. As for Partridge, I can’t see Harbaugh standing by and letting an innocent man be the sacrificial lamb. Gotta think there was something they had on him that left the university with little choice. Could also see Harbaugh working behind the scenes to help Partridge land another gig. Hard to believe Iowa got to 10 wins….but they did, those guys are resilient. We will have to play well.