Monday, November 27, 2023

Michigan Monday: Too Early Look at Iowa

I don't know about you, but I've been smiling non-stop since Saturday at 3:30.   It feels so good to beat the Buckeyes again.  Scott Bell on X/Twitter had an unbelievable stat that he posted this weekend.  Michigan in the 4th quarter over the last 3 games against Ohio State has had 17 drives and only punted once. Michigan is playing their best football in winning time.   If your wondering, in those three 4th quarters, Michigan scored 9 TD's, 3 field goals, 3 victory formations, and 1 punt.  

Before we get to Iowa, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the Jonathan Smith hire, the Oregon State head coach that MSU hired this weekend.  I think it was a good hire for both programs.  Smith has been able to turn around a lowly Oregon State program and they are headed into the abyss with the PAC 12 now gone.  If I'm an MSU fan, my questions would be can he recruit?  MSU needs to make hay in the Midwest mostly in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota.  Will he bring in a top notch staff to recruit and develop players?  MSU needed a safe hire and this is a good example of that.   Reports are if UCLA lets go of Chip Kelly, they would've targeted Smith.  

on to Indy................

Big Ten Championship Game 

Iowa: 10-2

Best Win: Iowa State, it was really hard to determine a good win 
Worst Loss: Minnesota and a 31-0 loss to Iowa 

Pass: 130 yards per (130th in the country)
Run: 123 yards (104) 
Points scored: 18 points per (124)
Points given up: 12 (4)

How is Cade and Erick All feeling right now?  They had their dream scenario of having Iowa play their former team in the Big Ten Championship and both went down with ACL's this season.   Iowa also recently lost their defensive playmaker to a year ending injury that was suffered in practice two weeks ago.   

Iowa has a guard/tackle playing QB.  Yes, Deacon Hill is over 260 pounds and playing QB at Iowa.  As everyone knows, Iowa plays elite defense but has one of the worst offenses in college football.  If they were average they probably only have 1 loss on the year and looking at a chance at the CFP.  

Line: Michigan -23

  • If you haven't noticed Franz has been balling out in Orlando and had 30 the other night. 
  • Seems Saturday was very positive for a number of recruits. 
  • Lots of coaching turnover this past weekend and I'm sure we will see more this week. 
  • Looks like Minnesota is getting into a bowl at 5-7


Chowman said...

My view of Jonathan Smith is he has a high floor and a low ceiling. He as much said as much when he talked about MSU getting back to consistency. He's no Tuck coming! I just wonder how well he's going to recruit in the Midwest. Don't think he's ever been east of the Rockies. Not sure MSU is going to recruit a ton of west coast talent to EL. A lot depends on his staff. If he hires some Midwest/B1G guys that can all change. For MSU to succeed they need to recruit the Midwest, particularly Ohio better than they have been.

Optics wise: Maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but the dust hadn't settled on the loss to your bitter rival and you're being announced as the next MSU coach. I work for a company that's HQ in Portland and the UofO/OSU game is not called the Civil War for no reason! I get MSU and Smith want to get a jump on recruiting, but at this point how much can he do to salvage this year's recruiting cycle? He'll have to make hay in the TP that's for sure. With no ties to MSU or the B1G this just screams as a guy that just wanted more money, and the last time MSU hired a guy like that, well it didn't end well with Punchie the clown!

goblue said...

What a great 4th quarter stat!GO BLUE!

MichiganMan said...

Guys I will be leaving for Dubai again on Thursday. I will be back before the CFP starts. I wish you guys all the best. Bob, thanks for another good year!!

Blue for life

Tim said...

What an awesome weekend. Bob - like you I have been smiling alot.

MichiganMan - You should Google "Elon Musk" as he created Starlink which has satellites all over the world. You could get Internet anywhere, even Dubai.

Go Blue. Beat Iowa and sign Jimmy to a massive long term deal!

Goblu said...

Any reporting on JH's contract? Def worried.

BucknutBoy and Dubai, guess that means we're back in a normal world. One day Dubai will have internet... hopefully before he leaves this world.

Brady2017 said...

Game balls should go to Rod More, and Will Johnson. HUGE interceptions. JJ and Blake played great, along with Barner and both kickers came up huge.

Let's get this Natty! GO BLUE!!

Blue said...

A must view for those that have not yet watched Rich Eisen unleashing on his show today - 🤣🤣🤣

Rudy said...

Awesome game! It’s good….to be….a Michigan Wolverine! As for MN…they are like the fat girl still sitting at the bar after all the other girls have been taken home and alas, some drunk guy picks her.

MichiganMan said...

Guys, I have a friend who's in the inside knows that Jim harbor will be leaving for Chicago bears

Moore will be our head coach

Blue for life