Friday, November 10, 2023

Penn State Preview

Time: 12:00
Location: Beaver Stadium
Weather: 47 no rain
TV: Fox (Johnson and Klatt)
Line: Michigan -4

Penn State has already played the #1 team in the nation on the road and lost.  It was a bit of a boring game between two good defenses, where the offense struggled.  Ohio State found out they had the #1 WR in all of college football at halftime and won the game.  Michigan has yet to play a ranked opponent this year and now they get #10 Penn State Nittany Lions in Happy Valley and will host #1 in a few weeks.  

Dear Jimmy, 

I first want to thank you and U of M's administration for standing up for what's right against Tony 4T's, the other whining Big Ten coaches, and the Big Ten organization.   I expect we might hear sometime today what the Big Ten penalty is going to be, other than a fine and a strongly worded email.   They best be ready for a legal war, which Michigan will bring in full force.  It will also be interesting if they do have the announcement today, on the eve of a huge conference game, and a Federal Holiday.   You would think a former TV executive with questionable leadership skills would know better. 

With all this noise going on, it must have been hard to keep the team focused on the task at hand this Saturday.  I do love the start time, but this game makes me nervous.   Penn State plays its best football in Happy Valley and they have talent on both sides.   They have 2 very good RB's and a young QB that reminds me of Chad Henne.  Their defense is one of the best units in America and kept them in the OSU game and stopped an IU upset the next week.   Michigan will have to play clean and its best game of the season on Saturday to win this football game.  

My expectation is we will see some new plays on Saturday that feature Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum.  Michigan was successful running the ball against Penn State last season and I would love to see both involved in the passing game as well.  JJ is really going to be the key in this game, he was a bit rusty after the bye week and I hope he is taking his focus and meditation up a notch this week.  This might be the best defense he has ever faced.  

On defense, there are really two keys.  Stop the run and pressure the hell out of Drew Allar.  Penn State's offense is more of a dink and dunk in the passing game, where they try to move the sticks for long drives.  Drew gets very uncomfortable when the pressure is in his face.  I love how Jesse Minter tries to confuse the opposing QB in his defensive sets.  He will need to be a master at this on Saturday.   Drew will try to get the ball of his hand very quicky to protect himself against Michigan's corner blitzes.  

I rarely mention special teams to you in this letter but I have a feeling our field goal kicking is going to be very important in this one.  I need to remind you that Moody is in SF now and we will need TD's to win this game.  I also know when two defensive teams meet made field goals are an important stat.  This will be James Turner's biggest game of his career. 

That's it Jimmy, it's time to see if this team is really championship worthy or not.  It's time to see if they can shut out the noise and win a huge one on the road.  It's again time for you to continue to cement your winning legacy at Michigan against all the haters.  It's time for you to take this show on the road and beat the Nittany Lions in their own house. 

Michigan 28 Penn State 20


Brady2017 said...

I agree that special teams are going to play a role in this one. Points will be at a premium, so there is the question of do we go for it on 4th down in the red zone or kick the 3? Gotta make those kicks. It would be nice to see some good kick returns from Jake Thaw, Morgan, or whoever is back there. Haven't really gotten a lot out of that position this year. We need a Steve Breaston type return man to emerge. Let play focused, let's play tough, and Jimmy will outcoach James Franklin. 31-17. Go Blue!!

szanreno said...

This will be the best defense Michigan has seen to date and Penn State knows it. I believe the first two offensive series we have JJ will be seeing everything Penn State has come at him in an attempt to rattle him. Take the crowd out early and 28 points wins this game... Go Blue!

MichiganMan said...

I am too nervous to watch this game. I have a good feeling. Michigan will win big. I will record this game and if I know the final score is a victorious, I'll go back and watch the game.

Mich 40 PSU 9

Blue for life

Goblu said...

I’m super nervous about this Game. Too many distractions to be facing the first real test. I’m going to go into a cocoon and emerge on Sunday…

Goblu said...

Well… they want to ban him for remaining games.

Blue said...

Well the BIG suspended Harbaugh for 3 games, hopefully M will be granted an injunction for Jim to be on the sidelines tomorrow with the team wearing their maize pants & accessories, with a new BIG logo on their white jersey's -

Michigan over Penn St. 38-17