Sunday, November 5, 2023

Purdue Post Game: Sloppy Joe's

Mlive Jacob Hamilton

When I think back on the game last night it reminds me of the sandwich Sloppy Joe.  It can be delicious and a very good sandwich, but it's also going to be sloppy.  Michigan started the game in dominating fashion and my 60-point prediction looked pretty good.   Then a good defensive scheme by Ryan Walters whose Illinois defense caused Michigan many problems last season, started to play better and Michigan's offense looked rusty and wasn't executing at the level we have come to expect this season. 

JJ who passed for 335 yards, might have had his second worst performance of the season.  His accuracy was not laser accurate like it's been and even though he didn't turn the ball over, he made a few questionable decisions. Was it the bye week? Was it a night game? It really doesn't matter now as the Wolverines blew out the Boilermakers 41-13 with the defense only allowing a TD in the final seconds of the game.  Michigan was somehow able to win the game without the mentalist Connor Stalions and will need a better effort when they play a noon game in Happy Valley next weekend.

  • Blowout victory 
  • Defense played well against an over matched Hudson Card 
  • Good pick by Will Johnson
  • JJ threw for 335 yards of Michigan's total 445
  • Great catch by Donovan Edwards on the long ball
  • Roman Wilson continues to prove he is one of the best WR's in the Big Ten
  • Blake is a beast on the goal line and won't be stopped 
  • Good to knock off the rust against Purdue and not PSU
  • Semaji Morgan is becoming a star and helped Michigan get out of its funk 
  • Punt Return was a mess 
    • Turnover with the ball hitting a blocker 
    • Fred Moore blowing up Jake Thaw 
  • DJ Waller's strange stopping on a coverage that led to a big play 
  • JJ's accuracy was a little off 
  • WR's/TE's dropped come catchable balls 
  • OL had a poor night in run blocking and pass pro 
  • Michigan's overall run game continues to struggle 
    • Corum 44 yards
    • Morgan 44 yards 
    • Edwards 21 yards
    • Stopped on 4th down when Mullins missed his hole 
  • 1 sack by the Wolverines
  • Will dropped a pick in the end zone 
  • Giving up a late TD 
Michigan is at a point where we can nitpick a blowout performance.  It's clear that they have plenty to work on this week in practice before they face their toughest match-up this season.  Michigan - Penn State is scheduled at noon and hopefully the Wolverines got out of this game healthy.  The handshake between Jimmy and Ryan Walters wasn't icy, it was ice cold. Which made me laugh.   Every Big Ten coach and AD crying are 100% hypocrites and should just STFU. 

Big Ten Thoughts:
  • It's amazing to me that every week OSU forgets they have Marvin Harrison for about 2 quarters and then find him in the locker room at half-time. 
  • Penn State rolled Maryland whose offense line could work the entrance of Taylor Swift concert.
  • Wisconsin lost to Indiana which is crime against cheese everywhere 
  • Iowa - Northwestern luckily was on the Peacock so it didn't embarrass the Big Ten on TV. Baseball score in a baseball stadium.
  • Sparty got its first Big Ten win of the season over Nebraska who was booking travel plans to a bowl game and forgot to show up in East Lansing.  BTW Sparty's AD is calling out the Big Ten for suspending MSU players for its assault in the tunnel incident quickly vs. the advanced scouting allegations at Michigan.  Hey Dope, one is a criminal act and the other is over zealous game planning.  If you ever wonder if people in leadership positions are smarter than the rest of us, Allan Haller is a great example of that not being true.
  • Minnesota had its sights on Indy after a win over Iowa a couple weeks ago lost to Illinois and cancelled its hotel confirmation to Indianapolis. 


Goblu said...

Agree that Mich wasn't crisp last night, could be that they wanted 'prove' something, which made them a bit less disciplined than normal. Solid win, however - and I was really worried bc I'm sure Purdue changed their signs. Super lucky we could still play Defense :)

Ryan Walters is a really massive baby.

Ohio can't be #1 next ranking - not that it's a big deal. But, Rutgers beat Ohio in each of the important stats (other than score!). Like every stat! Rutgers looked the better team, and other than a fluke pick and an easy TD late, it's a 1 score game. I have GA #1, and I hope they put Ohio above Mich, just for more motivation.

I really hope/want/need to get Jimmy signed. It's always 'this close', but never done. I would love for someone to tell me what's the holdup - obv it's not the signs thing, as that's only a couple weeks old.

szanreno said...

I was wondering this week how the handshakes at the end of the games were going to go the rest of the season. Guess I found out last night. It seems like our run game is one block or one ankle tackle away from breaking it. I wonder if leaving JJ in the game that late was an in your face move by Harbaugh. I'm glad Perdue is the team that we had to knock the rust off and not Penn State. If Penn State has their usual white out next week I say Michigan should go in with all white uniforms and revel in it. New season begins now...

Chowman said...

JJ was off. Many passes were off target. He'll have to be sharper against PSU. Purdue is a lot more forgiving. Purdue's offense is offensive! I hated Jim's decision to go for it on 4th in our own end at the end of the half. No need to try and double dip. Purdue was having trouble putting anything together offensively. Card is awful! There was just no reason give them any life at the end of the half. I know Jim likes to show how big Michigan's cajones are sometimes, but that was not the time. And if he really wanted to convert that 4th down, do something to the outside or a play pass. Purdue's defense isn't a complete mess, and their funky alignment is geared to stop the inside run.

Chowman said...


We're about to find out how much of the last year and a half's success was due to sign stealing next Saturday. If Drew Allar and the PSU offense have a game then we'll know. Personally, I don't respect PSU offense, especially Allar. Not impressed with what they did going into SECU stadium. Not impressed with Mike Locksley. His offenses can have some success with his gimmicky scheme, but defensively they're always toward the bottom of the big ten. On paper PSU is going to face the best defense that they've play all year on Saturday. Don't think much of OSU's defense either. Bottom line: the B1G isn't very good. You have 3 teams that are good to very good and the rest is just garbage. Now that doesn't mean Maryland can't catch us with out pants down the week before the Game as that is a prototypical trap game!

szanreno said...

Sign stealing had zip to do with the successes last year and before.

Goblu said...

Agree with szanreno. It doesn’t/shouldn’t have really made a difference. (Which makes doing it stupid).

Specially for two reasons: 1. All these coaches have said they knew mich was doing this since 2022. Ok, so either they were stupid and didn’t change signs (doubtful) or they changed signs and Mich still performed. 2. Knowing signs is one bit of information, and doesn’t translate to execution. Assuming that a large number of programs try to find patterns in signs (which I believe most people accept), they we would be seeing far better Defense than we have in the past years. Rather, I think it’s safe to say good D is less prevalent than good O in the past decade plus.

Chowman said...

Ok, its not about the sign stealing. I know you want it to be about sign stealing, but it is about in person scouting prior to playing an opponent. That's a no-no. Electronically recording those signs, another no-no. Just be prepared, if the Wolverines lay an egg in one of the next 3 games, you know what the narrative will be by everyone else.

And of course the other coaches & ADs are going to play this up. Jim's not been shy about throwing other programs under the bus, you think they aren't looking for payback??? Good for the goose...........

Bottom line: Michigan got caught cause they were stupid or arrogant or both. Has other teams done this? Don't know cause to date, they haven't been caught. For being a military guy, Stallions sure didn't cover his tracks very well. If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at him and whoever enabled him. Just don't think he had the resources to pull this off all by himself. Financially alone, how is a low level staffer paying for all those tickets and travel costs? At the very least someone should of been asking: "how is this guy able to decode these signals so well?" Problem is we all have a tendency to turn a blind eye to something when it benefits us!

Froglipps said...

Chowman is dead on!

does anyone remember the early 80'swhen Spielman knew Michigan play audibles, and was shouting out the signals to get Michigan to go offsides .... costing them the game ..... I do not believe Ohio State was punished.

I do believe Day and company is pushing this to the limit, Day should try to win on the field, not in Michigan penalties.

Michigan State is a farce ..... worried that their players might get hurt during the game .... Michigan State are just above a "street gang", and yeah their comparison to beating two players with helmets to "possible sign stealing" is a joke.

Goblu said...

Chowman - you wrote: "We're about to find out how much of the last year and a half's success was due to sign stealing next Saturday."

That's what we were responding to and disagreeing with.

Blue said...

SignGate came out before the MSU game, both MSU & Purdue changed-up their signs before we played them, if you add up the points Michigan scored and the points Michigan gave up in those two game and compare them to the scores of Michigan opponents prior to SignGate, one will find Michigan is now beating those opponents by a larger margin than before, of which is ludicrous to think the reason for Michigan winning is not because Michigan has a far superior team, but because they have a better sign stealer than the other football schools.

Also if one is hoping for less noise this upcoming week around Michigan football and the BIG 10 conference hold on to your hats of what may be in the works with the AD's & Presidents of other BIG schools pressuring the conference to suspend Harbaugh, (perhaps indefinitely until the NCAA findings), with the university lawyers currently preparing a lawsuit against the conference asking for an immediate stay on that suspension, if indeed that announcement does come to fruition.

szanreno said...

Suspension?!? So now we're punishing people over "allegations"? Is that where we're at?

szanreno said...

In response to Chowman wondering how a low level staffer could finance this operation. According to reports his parents are loaded. Devin Gardner says he remembers seeing him at games home and away when he played. Stallions was still in the academy but supposedly traveled on weekends?!? His folks bought him a home in downtown NY so getting his hands on cash doesn't seem to be an issue. I still want to read the manifesto...

MichiganMan said...

Guys keep your comments limited.. No one's reading...

JJ's not at Heisman trophy winner

Go blue blue for life