Thursday, December 7, 2023

Michigan Thursday: Ponders The Portal

Michigan has been in the CFP the last 3 years and that is tough for players on the team to consider the portal at this time.  No player wants to leave a program that has a 1 in 4 chance of winning a National Championship.  What if their number is called in a CFP game?  That is why most players will go after the CFP or in the Spring window.  With now over 2000 players in the portal its just crazy in there anyways. 

My thoughts on Michigan's portal needs:

1. Starting QB if JJ goes to the NFL.  I think this is still a 50/50 decision for JJ and what happens in CFP might have a big impact on if he stays or goes.   If he does go, Michigan would look for a starting QB.  The only QB so far that Michigan has contacted is former Instate 5-star Dante Moore.  Here is why that might not be a great decision.  1 - Dante is not a ready built starter, he struggled and got benched at UCLA this year.  2- Michigan has a 4/5 star coming in Jaydn Davis coming in and is in the Bryce Underwood sweepstakes in 2025.  3- He is also going to want a large "bag".   With Davis coming and if Underwood picks Michigan over LSU in January, I really don't see a need for Moore. 

2-DB - You never have enough good CB's and Safeties.  Michigan has already offered one and will look to sign at least one starting caliber DB.  

3-WR - Michigan will be losing Roman Wilson and CoJo.  It would be nice to add a regular starter in with some of the younger WR's on the roster.  Indiana's Donaven McCulley has already been offered (he was #0 that gave Michigan problems) and the coaches seem very high on him. 

4 - OL and DL: Michigan loves a ton of depth at these positions and I could see Michigan adding one OT and one DT out of the portal. 

That is it, I don't expect a big portal class unless a ton of players unexpectedly jump in after the playoffs. 

  • Did you know Michigan in the 2024 class (which signs in about 2 weeks) has the top player in both Ohio and North Carolina?  Ohio is RB Jordan Marshall and NC is Jaydn Davis. 
  • The finalists for the Joe Moore Award this year includes: Georgia, LSU, Oregon, and Washington.  Be careful Washington this is a trap! 
  • Ohio State has had another portal entry with RB Chip Trayanum entering yesterday. 


Ron said...

I have to disagree with you on Dante Moore, On comparing him with Bryce Underwood I think he's actually a little bit better prospect. You have to take into account last year at UCLA he did not have great talent around him not a good offensive line and not a great receiving corp he will have much better here.

Chowman said...

Best case scenario is JJ coming back for 1 more year and trying to increase his draft stock. Lets be real, he didn't exactly put up the gaudy numbers that NFL GMs and scouts like to see. I don't have a problem with Michigan kicking the tires on Moore. If he comes across as flaky or his support group is too demanding, you walk! If signing Moore causes Davis to flip, then maybe he's not as strong a recruit as everybody thinks. Gives me pause if a recruit is afraid of competition! And from everything I've read, Underwood committing to Michigan is a long shot right now. LSU is the leader in the clubhouse!

Brady2017 said...

Interesting perspective coming from Bob, who is usually spot on. Here's my two cents on going after Dante Moore. Nothing is a sure thing. No one can say for certain Jadyn Davis will work out. No one can say Bryce is coming here. Cade didn't anticipate getting hurt and benched. So imho, it's better to stock up on QBs rather than be scrambling for one (flashback to the John O'Korn days. Ooh, scary!) Competition is good, it brings out the best in someone. Alabama always has a stable of QBs to pick from every year. Good teams have good players. I'd welcome Bryce, Jadyn, Dante, (and especially J.J.) next year and let the chips fall where they may.

Goblu said...

I'm an emotionally-driven 'no' on Dante. He seems like too much of a head case and prima dona. How do we go from "The Team" that is JJ, to "look at me" which seems like Dante.

Probably unfair of me, but I would much rather take my chances without him.

Brady2017 said...

Goblu- Keep in mind, getting benched for half a season has a way of humbling ones ego. I don't think Jimmy has had a problem keeping players in line. I can't think of one who's ego was bigger than the team. Zac Charbonet? But I think he just wanted to be closer to home.

BlueManGroup said...

Bob - Do you know whether MichiganMan elected to enter the portal after OSU's loss or do you think he's just laying low and hoping for the worst come January 1st?

Brady2017 said...

Bob, the Bighouseblog infraction committee has agreed upon a 3 year ban for MichiganMan.