Monday, February 5, 2024

Michigan Monday: Is Sherrone Close To Hiring Michigan's Next DC?

I'm on record of saying that Michigan needs a DC with NFL experience so Michigan can continue running and tweaking the Ravens scheme that has worked for the last 3 years.  We all remember Don Brown's defense and what a disaster that was.  

The issue is that everyone else in the NFL wants to run the Ravens system and hired pretty much all of the top assistants out of Baltimore already.  So now Sherone is considering Joe Cullen the current Chiefs DL coach and former Ravens DL coach.  This guys has had 18 different coaching jobs between college and the NFL.  He was also the DC for Jags under Urban Meyer and the Detroit Lions from 2006-2008.

Some are calling this a home run hire.  I disagree and here is why.   Joe is 56 and has been everywhere man.  I prefer a much younger candidate that can recruit and relate to younger players.  In today's world, you start recruiting kids at 16 years old (or younger).  I don't like bringing this next part up because people can beat their demons and be in a better place today then they were years ago.   Joe has had issues with drinking in the past.  He was let go at the University of Mississippi for passing out in a Subway.  In 2006 he got a DUI when he was coaching for the Lions.  In that same year, he was arrested and suspended for a game by the NFL when he drove through a Wendy's drive-thru naked.  

Joe is also a candidate for the Commanders DC opening and Seattle's DC opening.   Commanders hired Joe Whitt Jr. last night.

  • Kirk Campbell was named OC over the weekend.  This was expected. 
  • Jay's understudy JB Brown will coach Special Teams 
  • Michigan also picked a TE Coach in Steve Casula who was UMass OC and was on staff at Michigan. 
  • Quinten Johnson declared late for the NFL Draft.  
  • Many of the Wolverines that attended the Senior Bowl did not play in the game, due to minor injuries. 
  • UW hired Bill Belichick's son Steve as DC.  Good job Jedd. 
  • Rumor is Jay Harbaugh has a decision to make between Seattle and LA Chargers.   From Friday's post I hope he picks one franchise over the other. 
  • Sherrone hosted his first recruiting weekend and from many reports it seemed to go well.


Goblu said...

Def seems like a bad DC hire - would rather stick with our current guys who've been learning under Mike and Jesse.

Michigan needs to go nuclear on the NCAA - they are just out to get Mich on many fronts. Check out the story about Lee Aaliya. It's bizarre and basically criminal.

Ron said...

It definitely sounds like Joe is not the right man for the job not with that kind of baggage.. it would be good to get a big name hire.. thanks letting us know about that

Brady2017 said...

No to anyone that has driven naked through the Wendy's drive thru. Dealbreaker!

Brady2017 said...

Goblu- There's a good article on CBS about the the near future of college football without the NCAA if you Google it. Says the B1G and SEC sent the NCAA a stern letter Friday that stated they are capable of governing themselves if the NCAA cannot fix the wrongs of the sport immediately. This includes NIL, sharing revenue w players, and having a separate playoff for a national championship between the B1G and SEC. It was a mind blowing article.

Brady2017 said...

Gatlin Bair committed to Oregon over the weekend. Why can't we ever land these 5* 'cruits? $$$

Blue said...

We've most all have had, to some degree overcome missteps in our lifetime, Joe Cullen with some Grandfatherly advise has beaten his biggest misstep in his life, the influence of alcohol, going on 18 years now. I give the man my congratulations & applaud him.

Any decision concerning Cullen as our DC should be based on what he currently brings to Michigan, the continuation of that side of the ball being great. From what I've gather his expertise & production that he brings along the defensive line is top notch, he's also coached LB, and knows the Ravens scheme having coach there for several years.

Some possible concerns - Cullen's around 57 years old, and been within the NFL for a while now, concerns of his ability to highly recruit would naturally come into question. Also, how does Clink feel about being bypassed as DC knowing he does have NFL aspirations, and all the hard work he's put in for Michigan? Same for Elston, how does he feel having a DC that specializes in the DL, does he look elsewhere?

I would still like to see Clink as DC & Elston as Co-DC, rewarding them both for being outstanding coaches on the field, and excellent recruiters off the field. Although I would not be disappointed at all if Cullen was Moore's choice for DC as long as both Clink & Elston stayed

Finally, there's much more to being a defensive coordinator than just knowing the "defensive scheme". One of the biggest being, the adjustments and the timing of those adjustments being called in during the game. How proficient the results makes or breaks one from being called a great coordinator.

Rudy said...

Answer; cuz Oregon gives them a Nike shoe box full of cash. UM runs a traditional offense that is less appealing to someone who wants 1500 yards receiving every year.

Blue said...

I believe Oregon & Michigan were running neck to neck for Bair's commitment. During his last official visit here he was given a presentation with Ben Herbert that blew him away. With Harbaugh and then Herbert both leaving the writing was on the wall for Oregon.

Gone now does not mean we stop recurring for his return in 1/2026.

Cormac said...

Bob, from what I read, that is a LOW blow to mention his FORMER drinking problem without stating that he has been SOBER for the last 18 years.

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

Cormac- Why would that be a low blow? It's factual. Bob's not making fun of him or anything. I believe the law was involved in his drunken episode. That's something everybody has to live with if they have a criminal record. There are consequences for our actions my friend. He'll be fine, but definitely not Michigan material.

February 5, 2024 at 11:28 PM

Brady2017 said...

Blue- That's true! A lot can happen in two years.

Cormac said...

Brady2016, reread this, "he has been SOBER for the last 18 years." If you are going to mention that he had a drinking problem back 20 years ago, have the common courtesy to say that he has been SOBER for the last 18 years. Not to mention that he has good recommendations from Andy Reid, John Harbaugh, Mike Macdonald, Jesse Minter, and Al Borges.