Monday, February 26, 2024

Michigan Monday: Locks the Portal

It seems Michigan players have had the portal open forever.  Michigan played in the last game of the year, so they had an extended portal opening.  Then Jim left for the NFL and the portal stayed open for another 30 days.  It finally closed on Friday at Midnight.  With only one loss to the two deep in Keon Sabb who is headed to Alabama.  

Now, I believe there is another chance for  players to jump after Spring Practice but for now things are steady.  That is some great work by Sherrone and his new staff.  You know everyone and their brother were after the likes of Will Johnson, Ken Grant, and others.   Keeping the core on both sides of the ball with zero defensive coaches is well done.  

Michigan of course did lose one signed recruit in Jaden Smith who elected to further his education and football skills at Kentucky.   That is now 3 Michigan recruits who have flipped to UK in this last class.  Ironically, all 3 recruits had the last name Smith.  I wonder if UK is servicing up more than Bourbon down there?

  • JJ is planning on throwing at the NFL Combine this week. 
  • One guy at CBS has Mikey in the first round in his mock draft. 
  • Michigan Basketball dropped another one to Purdue on Sunday.  We all knew they were going to be bad this year,  but not sure this bad. 
  • Jayden Daniels and Caleb Williams will not be throwing at the combine. 
  • NFL Legend Peter King is retiring.  
  • Eric Bieniemy was hired as UCLA's OC and Associate Head Coach.   I have to say, that is a solid hire for a program in deep debt. 


Brady2017 said...

Caleb Williams, the King of the 5 yard bubble screen pass, will be a flop in the NFL. Imho I just never liked the guy. I've seen him play hero ball and cost his teams wins.

Eric Bienimy was a successful NFL OC because he had a superstar QB in Patrick MaHomes. Don't see the same thing happening in front of the snoring 20,000 fans in the Coliseum on Saturdays.

Props to Sharrone for holding down the fort and keeping the current players. Now if he can add a quality flip or two from the portal I'll be extremely impressed.

Brady2017 said...

So proud of Mikey Sainristil. Love his story and what he's accomplished. I'd love seeing him selected in the first round, but I think his size might hold him back from that happening. Mikey is 5'8", 180 and will more than likely go in the 2nd or 3rd round. The league is looking for bigger DBs that can run support and lock down. Mikey is a pitbull and will have a very successful career. I wouldn't mind seeing him play in the Honolulu Blue and Silver. We would get a smart player that plays his heart out on every down. As a former DB coach, that's all I could ever ask of my players. I'd take Mike on my team any day!

Rudy said...

that was funny...KY and academics in the same sentence...I see what you did there. Nobody of quality is going to KY to play football, unless they are getting a bag of cash.