Monday, February 12, 2024

Michigan Monday: Moody Blues

I don't think it's fair to put blame on the 49'ers Super Bowl loss on Jake Moody.  Yes, that extra point was kicked lower then it should've been and was blocked.  Yes, it was the difference between a 3 and 4 point lead, I get all of that.  Moody delivered 10 points and for about an hour even had a Super Bowl record.   Jake, hold your head high today.  I also feel bad for Ambry Thomas and Ronnie Bell.  

It amazes me that the Michigan Football news does not stop, not even on a Super Bowl Sunday. 

Bad News: 4 star LB signee Jaden Smith has requested a release from his NIL.  Which Michigan will grant.  Can't blame the kid, the entire defensive staff is gone.  

Good News: Sherrone looks to be hiring a former colleague of his and current Wisconsin DL coach Greg Scruggs.  He is known as a good coach and a hustler on the recruiting trail.  Seems like a good hire if they can complete the deal. 

Sherrone also made a very good hire on Saturday, when he brought back Sean Magee to be the Football General Manager and assistant AD.   Great hire! 

This was a bit of old news but the hire of Steve Casula as TE became official. 

  • Rumor is that Jedd interviewed for the UCLA job.  That is a little crazy. 
  • Sounds like PJ Fleck turned down the Bruins advances. 
  • Remember the story of Washington OC Ryan Grubb?  He did end up going back to Seattle from Alabama as the Seahawks new OC.


Brady2017 said...

Nice hires by Sharrone. I was just wondering, does anyone know who the assistant head coach is? Sharrone's gonna need to lean on someone.

Wasn't impressed by Usher at halftime. Zzzzzzzzz

Was taking the ball first in OT a Marty Morningwheg move? I thought that cost S.F.

What happened to all the good commercials? I saw one or two that were good. The rest were stupid.

Ron said...

You think this was Harbaugh way of sticking it to Warde🤔

Thom said...

Little jimmy will stick it to anyone. It's all about him

Chowman said...

When you lose your how defensive staff guys are going to want out. Hopefully they can keep it to a minimum.

Brady: I think what cost Shanahan is he gets a bit too conservative in big games. I think he needs to be a little more like Dan Campbell at times, and flip side Dan could stand to be a bit more like Kyle Shanahan at times. Kicking FGs against KC and Mahomes is going to get you beat!

MichiganMan said...

I am done...

I will be going to Dubai and Vancouver for next several months....

Bob, love you for all the data you provide us....I wish you and all the Michigan Family nothing but best of luck...

Can't still believe we won the Natty!!!

Blue for life

Brady2017 said...

They don't have the internet in Dubai? Lol

Rudy said...

Thought the halftime show was good. Usher and crew and even the marching band….all black. Where are the DEI trolls to scream about the lack of diversity? Right….only goes one way. If I walked into my boss’s office and pushed him and yelled in his ear, I’d be on the unemployment line. No….that doesn’t mean I’m just passionate, it would mean that I’m an indisciplined man child like Kelce is.