Friday, March 29, 2024

Michigan Friday: Michigan's QB Room Loses a Member

I really wanted to write one of those internet catchy titles like: Michigan QB Hits Transfer Portal or Michigan QB Leaves Team!   I spared you that two seconds of fear to learn that Jack Grusser a former 3 star QB that had was originally committed to Harvard has jumped into the transfer portal.  Good Luck Jack! 

Speaking of the transfer portal it's interesting to see a sweet 16 night dedicated to guys that Michigan would not accept due to admission with Caleb Love for Arizona and Terrance Shannon for Illinois.   Alabama who upset North Carolina last night, starting 5 includes 4 transfers.  Its possible folks to make a quick turnaround if you get the right talent out of the portal.  

In more portal news, Dug is visiting TCU this weekend.  

  • U of M is considering a Womens Varsity Ice Hockey Team

Have a great holiday weekend and Happy Easter!  


Chowman said...
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Chowman said...

I don't know, maybe Dug can go somewhere else and become a more disciplined player, but my issue with him was he was a turnover machine and you can't have that at the PG position. He was also a volume shooter, he got his points but needed lots of shots to get them.

I might be in the minority but I didn't see Michigan missing out on Caleb Love much of a loss. He's the definition of a volume shooter. If you watched last nights game his shot selection sucks and he can go long stretches without scoring a bucket. the best description of him I've heard is he's the type of player that can shoot you in and out of a game. He'll get 20+ pts but he's not going to be very efficient doing so.

Brady2017 said...

Bob, I can guarantee you that out of all those transfer portal players for Alabama, Illinois, and Arizona, it took $$$ to get them there. I don't like it, just the way it is.

Dug was too small to be anything more that a PG quarterback, and he didn't choose wisely. Couldn't drive, not a threat in the paint or one on one, and borderline shooter. Defenses could sag off him.

Women sports are great for intermural, but not varsity. They will never play at the same level of men and will never get the same attention from viewers. I support my niece and cousin that play high school basketball and go to their games, but when a university has to start spending big bucks for travel and costs associated with major college athletics, it turns into a money pit. The juice ain't worth the squeeze. I'm not sexist, don't hate! Lol

Good to see someone wearing a block 'M' baseball cap right behind the Alabama bench last night. Lol

Brady2017 said...
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Rudy said...

Women’s hockey….great, another sport to siphon the $$ the football team brings in. But hey, check mark for wokeness.