Monday, April 1, 2024

Michigan Monday: No April Fools Jokes Here

My late father loved April Fools Day.  When we were young kids on Spring Break, he said the hotel was offering free elephant rides today.  All I had to do was call the front desk and reserve a spot.   Then when I was an adult working in A2 at Bell + Howell/UMS he sent me a Hedgehog for some type of charity event.  Miss you Dad. 

This weekend Sherrone completed his on-field coaching staff again after Greg Scruggs flamed out quickly.   He hired current Co-DC/DL Coach from Memphis Lou Esposito.   Lou had only been with the Tigers since January after being the DC at Western Michigan for 6 years.  Even though Lou played at Memphis, he knows Michigan.  2010-12 he was the DL coach at Western for the first time, 2013 he was the DC at Ferris State, 2014-16 he coached at Davenport and then 2017 back to Kalamazoo. 

To sum up my text's when the news broke on Friday, I got this question a few times:  Is this a good hire?

My response:  I don't know but his name sounds right!  After some research, it seems Lou is a hard worker, can develop DLineman, good recruiter, has an eye for talent, has the respect of Michigan HS coaches, and a great hire for the Wolverines.  If FSU DT Braden Fiske name sounds familiar, he was recruited and developed by Lou before he transferred to Florida State and became a 3rd team All-American last season. 

Welcome Sweet Lou and enjoy some of the best talent on the defensive line in the country.  

  • Congratulations to Michigan Hockey for beating MSU and earning a Frozen 4 Berth! Michigan scored 2 goals in 12 seconds to secure the win in the 3rd! 
  • Is tonight the biggest night for NCAA Women's Basketball ever?
  • Christian Anderson Jr. decommits from Michigan Basketball on Friday as well.  My response, Ok.  Let's let Dusty cook and bring in his own players. 


Ron said...

Congrats to the hockey team 👍 sweet Lou he knows defensive line too

Goblu said...

Goal #4 yesterday was one of the best passes I've ever seen.

No clue about the Lou hire, so I'm just hoping it's a good one.

Brady2017 said...

I agree with Bob. Lets let Dusty bring in his type of players. Juwan's didn't exactly work out. I think we have one recruit still committed for next season and he's a good one, Durrell Brooks. He's Michigan's Mr. Basketball and shot 48% from three. That's impressive.

Brady2017 said...

If I were Dusty, I'd give that kid Jack Goilke from Oakland U. a call. Can never have enough good shooters. And he's got tourny experience! Sounds like Townsend is turning pro.

Brady2017 said...

Coaching the D line isn't rocket science. Know your assignments, explode off the ball, contain, and keep driving till you hear the whistle. Now its a little interesting when you get into techniques (ask Hutchinson). It's almost like a wrestling match.

Brady2017 said...

I like the M hockey uniforms. Just Maize and Blue, no white on the numbers. Looked a little like the football jerseys. Maybe the basketball team should try something like that?