Thursday, June 20, 2024

Michigan Thursday: How About "Not" a Starting WR

An electric punt returner can change a game and field position for any football team.  I of course just care about one damn thing.  Catch the "Fing" Ball!  One slip up from a punt returner can put the other team near the goal line.   We almost saw disaster hit in the Rose Bowl, when Michigan put their sure handed punt returner near the goal line.   Even though Jake Thaw saved the day after his mistake, he transferred.  

This season Michigan has a new Special Teams coach JB Brown who was on the off field staff last season.  JB went on the "In the Trenches" podcast and said that Semaj Morgan, Tyler Morris, Fred Moore and Brandyn Hillman were all being considered for punt returner duties. As we know Semaj returned a number of punts last season.

Here is my take on that, with Michigan having depth issues at WR, I really don't want a starting WR returning punts. Yes, it has to be someone that is very comfortable with the job and can catch punts. But that is a scary position and one that is often injured. Give me a guy with great hands that catches every punt and is a bit deep on the depth chart.

  • Speaking of special teams, the Lions cut former Wolverine James Turner this week after signing UFL Michigan Panther Jake Bates. Very strange to sign a guy to a contract when they play in your same building for another team. I hope James gets a shot with another NFL team, the Panthers now have an opening as well.
  • Tom Brady was excellent on the Herd yesterday. I think he is going to do very well in the booth. The man is full of confidence and intelligence about the game.
  • 4 star 2026 OL Carter Scruggs camped and visited Ann Arbor yesterday. He also left with an offer. The kid already has offers from Alabama and others.


Renegade said...


Decided to post it here to make my point.

"Renegade- This ain't Twitter, bro. Ain't no personal attacks in here. If you can't make an intelligent post, then take your shit elsewhere."

My my ... where to begin.

It hasn't been called twitter in quite a while. It is now X.

The attacks weren't personal they were pointing out your inconsistencies which it does.

"If you can't make an intelligent post, then take your shit elsewhere." Now that's personal. So I guess there are personal attacks here.

Chowman said...

Maybe I was having a Jake Moody hangover, but I never felt comfortable with Turner as our kicker. Just didn't ever feel he was automatic, so when the Lions signed him as an UDFA it didn't move the needle for me. Especially with Campbell's tendency to pass on FGs and go for it on 4th down. Is Bates a better option than Turner? He seems to have a bigger leg, but will that translate to the NFL from the UFL? Not sure. At the end of camp, wouldn't shock me if Badgley was still the kicker!