Friday, June 21, 2024

Michigan Friday: The Curious Case on Karmello

There were two transfers after the National Championship game that concerned me.  #1 was Keon Sabb and #2 was Karmello English.  Both have ties to Alabama.  Keon reportedly took $2M to transfer to Alabama and Karmello was a 4 star WR from Phenix City, Alabama.  Keon was rumored to be having 2nd thoughts after Moore's injury and I've been waiting for English to pick a team. 

He finally did in Division 2 West Georgia.  Now the Division 2 part is not 100% fair because that program is moving to the FCS next season. Karmello played last season getting 68 snaps in 7 games and had a TD catch against IU.  So what would drive a freshman to leave a program where he contributed and they just won a Championship?   Not to mention, that needs WR's?  Your guess is as good as mine.  

Good luck Karmello!

  • Michigan has a nice list of official visitors this weekend, led by current commits Nate Marshall, Carter Smith, and Bobby Kanka.  Michigan is dazzling recruits with cookie cakes upon arrival to their hotel.
  • Welcome to the world Summer Elizabeth Sainristil!
  • Did the Lakers hire JJ Reddick to be the coach or a shooter off the bench? They need a shooter more than a head coach. 
  • If I see one more Wink - Don Brown comparison, I'm going to throw up. 
  • Phil Steele has Michigan #9 in pre-season ranking.
  • Michigan is going to do a stripe out for the USC game .  Even sections where Blue, odd Maize. 

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Chowman said...

I guess I can understand the Don Brown/Wink Martindale comps! Both are blitz happy and both are curmudgeons when it comes to not changing their approach. Just like Brown bristled when asked if he was going to play more zone, Martindale too had issues with the Giants when he was approached about changing up his blitz happy approach. There's a reason Martindale is in AA and not working for an NFL team, he gotten a reputation of being hard to work with!