Monday, February 23, 2009

New Michigan Football "Preferred" Walk On News

Thanks to Brian at Mgoblog and Scouts Go Blue Wolverines the Magazine; The Big House Blog has become your one stop shop for Michigan walk on information.

With that said, we have more Walk On news to report and yes, it's from another local Michigan player. Royal Oak's Eddie Murray will join the Wolverines next year as a preferred walk on. The first name that comes to mind is the Baltimore Orioles Eddie Murray, but sorry no relation. Then when you find out Michigan's new walk on is a kicker, you think maybe he is related to the Detroit Lions former kicker Eddie Murray? but sorry no again.

Eddie is just Eddie from Royal Oak and has only been kicking the pigskin for 6 games during his senior year. The Royal Oaks Ravens went "Detroit Lions" last year and didn't win a game so Eddie only had a chance to kick 3 field goals as a senior. He didn't even play football as a junior.

So why would Michigan even be interested in a kid that has only kicked in 6 high school games? Well, he is a good athlete and had some baseball scholarship offers to smaller schools and also played Free Safety and WR for Royal Oak this year.

But the real reason, is Eddie has a strong leg and has worked a little bit with kicking legend Jason Hanson from the Detroit Lions. Michigan needs depth at the kicker position and if Eddie does see the field early, look for him to be a kick off specialist.

"Both of my parents went to Michigan. I've been watching Michigan football my whole life. To get an opportunity to put on that uniform and play in the Big House will just be incredible.

"I know I might never get a chance to kick, but I am not afraid to compete. I've always had a strong leg. Even back when I was a youngster playing soccer, I had trouble kicking it in the goal. I was always kicking the ball over the goal. I wanted to kick from further and further away."


Greg said...

Wow, that article that you linked to is just... terrible. Thanks for the summary.

Mitch said...

I'm from Royal Oak and saw Eddie kick last year -- he's the real deal. Made 50-yarders pre game that would have been good from 56-57, and kickoffs into the endzone. He didn't play as a junior and didn't join the team until the season started. I'm biased, but I think his potential is huge.

Mike said...

Eddie Murray's highlight video is on YouTube,