Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big Ten Preview Week 8

Like I mentioned early in the week the Big Ten Office took a gut punch this past weekend.  2 undefeated teams lost and the Crown Jewel (Wisconsin) of the conference looked like they were playing a college team from Canada.  To top things off, they have to deal with another top match up this weekend between MSU and Wisconsin and have to deal with the William Gholston situation and the pressure to suspend him. 

With suspensions at LSU and Miami yesterday the pressure continues to grow on the Big Ten office.  So we will see what happens there, lets get to the games

Big 10 Game of the Week:

Wisconsin at MSU:  Game day is in East Lansing and this is one of the biggest games of the week.   Wisconsin looks like a National Champion contender and MSU has proven they have one of the best defenses in the nation.   Something has to give.     I expect the Wisconsin coaches have spent a ton of time watching film on the Michigan and OSU games against MSU.  I also expect it might be cold on Saturday but not a tornado like the game last Saturday.   

Even though the game is in East Lansing, State is getting 7.5 points against Wisky.  I expect a low scoring close game with two good defenses but Wisconsin's offense will win the day.   Wisconsin 24 MSU 20

The rest of the games:

Nebraska at Minnesota = pain for the Gophers.  Nebraska is only a 24.5 favorite.  I expect a big score here.  Nebraska 42 Minnesota 7

Illinois at Purdue:  Hangover warning!  Zook lost to OSU where they only threw 4 passes and completed 1.  I know OSU and Danny Hope is no Luke Fickell, wait maybe he is?   Purdue played Penn State close last week and they always have one win at home each year they shouldn't have.  Is this the one?  Vegas is not buying Illinois right now and only has them at -4.  My gut tells me this will be an upset even though Illinois is the better team.   Purdue 27 Illinois 23

Penn State at Northwestern:  Somehow Northwestern hasn't won a game in the Big Ten this year.  They have an offense that will pick up apart and a defense that will give up big plays.  Penn State has a good defense but struggles to move the ball on offense.  Northwestern has some strange deal with the BTN and this is their 3rd 7:00 game in a row.  Penn State is -4.   Northwestern 28 Penn State 14

Indiana at Iowa:  Iowa isn't great but they are better then Indiana for sure.  Iowa is - 23.5 in this game.  Iowa 31 Indiana 14

Ohio State is off this week and has Wisconsin next
Michigan is off this week and has Purdue next

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