Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michigan Thursday: A Funny Did You Know?

Here is a trivia question for you:   Can you name the former Wolverine that was traded for current Washington Redskins starting QB John Beck?  A hint is, the trade happened August 2, 2010 and the other team was the Baltimore Ravens.   Still don't know?  Yes, you guessed it, the answer is the famous Doug Dutch.  So the trade was for a starting QB vs a college WR turned into a NFL CB. I believe Doug is no longer in the NFL.

  • TomVH now of ESPN interviews Jordan Diamond.  The key comment is, he won't be making a decision until signing day.  I am pretty sure that won't work for the Michigan coaches.

  • New 2013 WR offer Laquon Treadwell is now a 4 star prospect via 24/7.

  • Michigan recruit Zach Banner was named the HS Gatorade National Player of the week.

  • There is a new D1 Instate WR recruit that is having a real good senior year and programs like Michigan are starting to notice.  The players name is Eric Wilson from Redford and he is 6'2 205 pounds and I expect will be getting some bigger offer in the near future.   (Michigan is looking strong for a couple of WR's already but if for some reason these guys fall through Eric could be a good late pick up near signing day)  


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Voice of Reason said...

I expect Jordon Diamond to sign with a school that has little if any competition for a starting spot. He was serious about Michigan as long as he felt he could beat out the competition, however, when Magnuson committed he started to slow up; then when Kalis committed he began looking at other schools. If he attends a top ten school you can believe it will be because they've guaranteed him a starting spot without having to compete for it.