Monday, November 7, 2011

Michigan Monday: The Hoke Honeymoon is Over

I like Brady Hoke and I believe he is the answer long term in Ann Arbor.   He understands Michigan and understands Michigan tradition.  I also like a lot of things that he has done in Ann Arbor including; recruiting a top notch class, letting his coordinators coach, helping the defense rebound and bringing back a toughness that has been missing for the past 3 years. 

With that said, he has gotten out coached badly in 2 out of 3 road games this year.   You even could have made a case for the game they won at Northwestern.  Al Borges offense is full of gimmicks one week and predictable and boring the next.    They have taken away one of the biggest weapons in college football in Denard Robinson.  Didn't he learn anything from the second half of the ND game?

Hoke jokes all the time that he is just a D-line coach.  I really hope that isn't true.  I really hope he is leading this team and giving his coordinators advice on what needs to happen with this team.   Greg Mattison understands the Big Ten, does Al Borges?  Al spent one year as Indiana's OC from 2002-2003 under Gerry DiNardo who won 8 games in 3 years and had a 3-21 record in the Big Ten. 

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have run Denard against Purdue either.  If Michigan can win easily without Denard getting hit, I am all for it!   But when Michigan is in a competitive game, they need to let Denard loose and be effective with his feet and his arm.  Denard running will open up passing lanes.  IMO, Michigan should be in the spread 85% of the time and 15% under center or in a pro formation.    Denard is one of the best kids to ever walk into Michigan Stadium but he will never be a drop back QB.  Let him be creative with a run - pass mix.  He looks confused back there and it seems he feels he has to throw instead of running.   I am very disappointed in the Iowa game and the way it was called.   Hoke needs to teach Al about the Big Ten and how you play on the road.  Al needs to put the offense in a position to succeed, right now he isn't.

The 2 QB thing is not working and it's effecting Denard's confidence. 

These losses are on Hoke and Borges period. 

Top of Mind Things

  • How is that Alabama game looking next year at Dallas Stadium?   No matter what the dollar amount, that game looks very one sided at the moment.  Not sure losing a home game against that defense is worth it.  Maybe the entire Defense will go pro!

  • This Penn State situation is just terrible and JoPa is involved in the cover up.  This isn't about free gear or paying players, it's far worse.  They say the cover up is worse then the crime, in this case they both are horrific.   The AD and Administrator has already stepped down.  JoPa has to be next if the the reports of him "knowing" are true. 

  • Michigan - Illinois game is a 3:30 kickoff on ABC/ESPN
  • Michigan - Nebraska is a noon kickoff on ESPN

  • The Big Ten is a mess right now.  Michigan loses to Iowa, Nebraska loses to Northwestern,  MSU struggles to beat Minnesota and OSU barley gets by Indiana.   Penn State is the highest ranked team and is having huge off the field issues (they also are pretty poor on the field).


Steve Waite said...

If we can see all of this, hopefully the M coaches can too. Go Blue!

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