Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Michigan Tuesday: Recruiting Blitz

Besides preparing for a bowl game the Michigan coaches have 2 jobs on the recruiting trail.   1) Keep the current commits solid on the Maize and Blue and 2) Fill the last few spots. 

Michigan is expected to have a large number of commitments coming into town this weekend to do their officials.   As of right now that count looks like 15 commits will be in Ann Arbor.   Having this as their official lets the coaches spend a ton more time with them, then say during a game weekend. 

As for trying to fill the last few spots.........................

  • Brionte Dunn is expected to have Coach Hoke in home with him and his family on Thursday.  There is also a chance that Brionte does his "official visit" this weekend as well. 

  • St. Louis WR Jehu Chesson might be Michigan's next best shot at landing a WR commit this month.  He is planning a Iowa visit in a couple of weeks and would like to announce his decision by Christmas.  Chesson and Darboh were said to have developed a new friendship on their visits to Ann Arbor during the OSU game.  As we know, Darboh lives in Iowa and turned down the Hawkeyes to commit to the Wolverines.

  • Michigan coaches visited Scouts #1 Center Evan Boehm last week and is trying to get him to visit Ann Arbor.  I am sure they are looking for the next David Molk.

  • Michigan coaches are also trying to get TE Taylor McNamara to visit.  He was a AZ commit and saw the coaching change to RR and de-committed.  He might do an un-official soon, which will be costly because he lives in San Diego. 

  • Last but not least is Safety Yuri Wright who will now start doing his visits after his team won the State Championship.   I expect him to visit in the next month or so, he continues to say he loved the Wolverines growing up. 

Old Dogs and No New Tricks

  • I wonder how the NCAA is taking that Coach Tressel addressed the OSU football team before they drove up to Ann Arbor to take on the Wolverines?  What happened to the separation from the program?  Not good Bucky!

  • Remember two weeks ago when Pitt's head coach said he wasn't worried about losing his assistants?  Well, he lost 3.  You might recognize the names: Calvin Magee, Tony Gibson and Tony Dews.  I agree with the Magee and Dews hire but how about Gibson coaching the DB's?  Really, how did that work out for him at Michigan?  Not very well.  Casteel is expected to be named the DC, which makes sense.  Not sure what is going on with Barwis, it seems if RR wanted to hire him, he could have done it two weeks ago.  The rumor I had been hearing is he is happy living in Michigan.   RR said he expects to have his S&C coach named this week. 

  • Funny how history repeats itself:  2 Arizona QB's have decided to transfer, which leaves RR with 1 scholarship QB on staff.   

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