Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Early Morning LOI's Received

Players LOI's signed and Delivered to Schembechler Hall include:

  • Chris Wormley is signed sealed and delivered!  First one in: 7:30 AM
  • AJ Williams is in : 7:45
  • Ann Arbor Pioneer's Drake Johnson is also in: 7:45
  • Ondre Pipkins tweeted he is signed and faxed: 7:50
  • Detroit's Big 3:  Royce Jenkins-Stone, Terry Richardson, and James Ross are signed
  • Devin Funchess LOI is in
  • Willie Henry is signed and in: 8:52
  • Tom Strobel done: 9:00
  • Matt Godin is in 9:30
  • Kyle Kalis sent his in around 8:30.  (I guess his NSD switch to OSU never happened? )
  • Newest Wolverine Dennis Norfleet is signed and in 9:35
  • Amarah Darboh 4 star WR from Iowa came in a 9:25
  • Jeremy Clark is in: 9:45
  • Jehu Chesson is in 10:20
  • Erik Magnuson is in as well 10:25
  • Sinoe Houma is in 10:37
  • Blake Bars is in 11:00
  • Allen Gant in at 11:02

Names still out include:  Ben Braden and Mario Ojemudia around noon.

There are some more rumblings that there could be another surprise cooking.  Just in the cooking stage right now.  Don't know anything more then that.  Will keep you updated.

Update 10:22: Could be Kozan, there are reports he never did make a final decision and still could go to Iowa, Michigan or Auburn.  Confirmed it is Kozan and he is still thinking.

  • OSU just signed another new player DE Jamal Marcus (Durham, N.C./Hillside) which continues to put them over the scholarship limit.  I wonder how they are going to address this?

Note: Joe Bolden, Kaleb (Don't call me Javon)  Ringer and Jarrod Wilson are already enrolled and don't need to sign a letter today, but probably should go to class!  :)


uncle ron said...

Come on guys time to wake up and start your new life as a Wolverine!!!! GO BLUE

uncle ron said...

Ok thats cool...they deserve it.

uncle ron said...

Man I just love this class, Big Time!!!!!!!

Stamping said...

it's not Javon Ringer, it's Kaleb Ringer

Bob said...

Thanks Stamping, I wonder how many times over the next 4 years, I am going to do that.

uncle ron said...

Bob just heard there could be one more surprise today...Ya buddy GO BLUE
Thats ok I find myself doing the same thing with the Ringers.

uncle ron said...

OH YEAAAA sounds good to me, bring it on home Brady........

Stamping said...

Kozan would be a HUGE pick-up! We need another center badly....

uncle ron said...

Just heard he is wavering because of Auburn and not because of U of M, we'll just have to wait and see.

Stamping said...

Anything more on Kozan yet?

Chucky Gruden said...

He is not coming to UM.