Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Ten Preview Week 4

This week there is only one headline Big Ten game and it's in South Bend.  Since we will take a look at that game on Friday morning, lets move to the rest of the Big Ten's pre-season games.

UAB at Ohio State (OSU -36.5)  UAB can't stop the run and Braxton Miller prefers to run over throwing.  Urban can't go to a Bowl Game but sure does have an easy schedule so far   OSU 44 UAB 3.

Central Michigan at Iowa (Iowa -14.5) In past years, Central has had a pretty good team and could have given the Hawkeyes a pretty good game.   The Chips are not very good and neither are the Hawykeyes.   Iowa 21 CMU 10

UTEP at Wisconsin (Wisky -18)  Wisconsin has been pretty bad this year but UTEP doesn't give them too much of a threat.  Ball is going to get like 50 carries in this game.  Wisky 28 UTEP 14

Idaho State at Nebraska (NL)  Nebraska sure does play some questionable opponents in the pre-season.  Nebraska 49 ISU 6

Eastern Michigan at MSU (MSU -33) Poor Ron English, he was starting to have success re-building the Eagles.  This year has been pretty tough so far.   MSU 41 EMU 14

South Dakota at Northwestern (NL):  This is the Wildcats first non-BCS opponent this year.  Well Done! NW 40 SDU 10

Temple at Penn State (PSU -7.5)  Not sure what Temple has this year and it seems time that Penn State picks up another win before the Big Ten season starts.  PSU 24 Temple 14

Syracuse at Minnesota (Even)  This could be a pretty good game.  Syracuse hung with USC for a half and Minnesota is 3-0 but doesn't have an impressive win.  There could be a few point scored in this one.  I think the Organgemen are the better team but Minnesota might have a little advantage playing at home.  Syracuse 34  Minnesota 28

Lousiana Tech at Illinois: (Ill -3)  LT can score a few points and Illinois struggles scoring points against ASU.   I think we have our first upset of the day here with LT winning big.  LT 38 Illinois 21

Purdue and IU are off this week.

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