Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wolverine Thursday: Supports No Visits

This ESPN article questions why Michigan and a few other programs have no visit policies for committed recruits.  I'm not sure why some recruiting reporters have so much trouble understanding this policy and why it's so effective for Michigan.

First let me re-cap the policy:  Brady Hoke has a policy for verbally committed players to U of M that they can't take visits to other schools if they want to continue to be part of Michigan's recruiting class.  Michigan has committed a roster spot and a scholarship to the player, the coaches expect a similar commitment in return.  If a player has committed to Michigan and they want to take other visits, they will no longer be considered a committed player to the Wolverines.  The Michigan coaches will then make a decision to continue to recruit the player or not.

Some folks say this is crazy and your just restricting 17-18 year olds from other options.  Not true.   The reason this policy is effective is because it makes sure the kids are really ready to commit and if their not, they can take all 5 of their official visits.

The article points out that kids will de-commit under this new policy.  True.  Kids will de-commit either way.  Conley grew up an OSU fan and when his offer came in, he jumped on it.   I'm pretty sure the no visit policy wasn't the reason.   I believe the policy allows kids to relax and give other schools coaches a solid reason why they can't visit their school.   I know if I was 17 and Nick Saban called me and asked me to visit, I would have a hard time telling him "no" even if I didn't want to visit.  This policy gives the kids a great reason to say "no" and takes pressure of them during the recruiting process.   If the player wants to visit Bama, he will with the policy in place or not.

I think this policy makes perfect sense and the likes of Texas and Oregon are adopting it as well.  This is the only way to protect your class and make sure kids are 100% ready to commit to the Maize and Blue.   I see very little downside, if any to the policy. 

  • Speaking of being 100% committed:  2014 LB Lawrence Marshall who just committed to OSU on Sunday, just de-committed on Tuesday night after visiting MSU and Michigan. 

  • One of the top RB's in the 2014 class Elijah Hood is expected to visit Michigan next weekend.

  • Instate WR Drake Harris who is a soft commit to MSU is planning to visit Ann Arbor on the 24th as well.

  • Sounds like Michigan and the rest of the Big Ten are done scheduling FCS schools in football.  This goes back to my point when Brandon scheduled App. State again, it's a no win situation for Michigan.  If they blow them out, it's just a cupcake game, if the FCS schools plays great and upsets the big guy we see highlights for 20 years. 

Happy Valentines Day to all the BigHouse Blog Readers!

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