Thursday, April 11, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Has a Help Wanted Sign

Coaches are funny people.  They say one thing and mean something completely different.   When Bellomy went down to an ACL, the coaches popped up and gave us quotes like Shane will be ready or Cleary is a good option and should be a scholarship QB.     Were fine, things are great, thanks for asking such good questions! 

Things aren't fine.  Michigan has lost their backup QB and best defensive player to ACL tears this Spring.   Those are two guys that are very hard to replace.   Mostly when the Wolverines decided not to take a QB in the class before Shane's.    So now what?

Coach Hoke said he will look at Junior College and Grad School transfers to fill the back up role next year.  Wow, I appreciate the honesty and appreciate the validation that mistakes were made in recruiting.    I'm also am assuming Coach Hoke has someone in mind when he made that statement.  Because if that statement was made to take a few phone calls from guys looking to transfer or Junior College guys, were in BIG trouble.


  •  Traditionally it's very hard for JuCo guys to transfer to Michigan.  The academics/credits don't seem to work out.

  • It's rare to have a Wisconsin Russell Wilson scenario work out.   Wisconsin tried it again last year with a Maryland transfer and it failed.  On the other hand, Michigan isn't looking for a starter just a back-up.

  • Most of the really good JuCo guys signed with teams months ago.

  • It's now clear the coaches want to redshirt Shane Morris.  From some of his senior year highlights that I saw, I would agree.

  • Cleary might have a nice upside but he is still a redshirt walk-on freshman.

  • Michigan by most counts have 86 guys on scholarship right now.  85 is the max.

  • When is this guy going to learn the offense?  He has already missed Spring Ball. 

So it seems the Michigan coaches learned something last year by not having their top #2 QB ready to play.   How we have one healthy QB on scholarship right now (who the coaches had playing WR last year), is hard to believe.    

Brady Hoke should call the U of M CIO to discuss disaster recovery and how that whole strategy works.   


Scott K said...

This is disappointing, in that previous conversations about the lack of foresight and recruiting are proven to be correct.... But a little relief in that we're going to admit we weren't properly prepared and ready, rather than use the old "we have a lot of underclassment playing roles due to injury" line that we recycled years on end excusing the RR era defense.

Lets just hope the O-line over acheives and Gardner goes all year without getting hurt!

Bob said...

Fingers crossed!

d_ronii said...

Hagerup is toast, that makes 85, right?

Puppet Master said...