Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Ross Has Mad Paper

How would you like to be able to donate $200M to a charity or your favorite University?  What a great feeling that would be.  Stephen M. Ross real estate mogul and owner of the Miami Dolphins is expected to announce his $200M donation to the University of Michigan today.  This will make his total donation to U of M at $313M.   The $200 is the largest donation ever to the University of Michigan.    The money reportedly will be split between the Ross Business School and U of M athletics.    What a great guy!  I wonder if this will cover his suite costs at the Big House?  I hope he saved a couple $100,000 to keep Kovacs on his roster.

  • CBS reporter Bruce Feldman has a nice story on DG.  What I found interesting was he and Coach Hoke didn't see eye to eye from the start. 

  • Anyone think cable companies are a bit worried?  ESPN is starting to discuss proving a full subscription on the Internet. 

  • Michigan is still ranked #17.

  • Some notes from GMat's presser yesterday, who has coached for both ND and now Michigan for the second time:
Did you like what you saw from your pass rush?

"Yeah I think there were some good things. I think there were also some sacks left on the field or quarterback hits left on the field. We've got to constantly improve on that. In the passing situation, you cannot be blocked one-on-one. The hardest thing to do in football is to pass protect. If you're going to be a great defensive lineman, if it is pass, you've got to beat that lineman one on one, and I don't think we did that all the time. That's something that we need to continue to address and continue to improve on."

What do you like about the nickel package in terms of bringing in Channing Stribling and moving Blake Countess inside?

"Well, the one reason is Blake is a very heady football player. He's a tough football player, and he gives us an advantage a lot of times covering that slot receiver."  BHB- I believe coach really likes this lineup, having Blake at the nickel and young talented CS at the corner.  I think this may make up for the bit of inexperience at safety. 

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