Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan's Early Signing Period

One of the recruiting topics that always gets thrown around is, should college football have an early signing period?   Basketball has one, why doesn't football?  Most proposals I have seen is for a early signing date in November, probably right before Thanksgiving.   This would save the recruit from taking a million phone calls and texts and also lets the staff focus on other needs (instead of continuing to recruit a guy that is already committed).

The folks against an early signing period say, coaches usually get fired between November and January and if a kids signs early then they are locked into that program with maybe a bunch of coaches he has never met.   There should be a an "out cause" in every LOI if the head coach takes a new job or is fired, that player can re-open his recruitment. 

Michigan and many programs have found away around that rule with having players graduate early and enroll at their perspective programs in January.   I'm a bit torn on enrolling early, on one hand these kids get Spring Ball and get that extra time in the weight room that all high school seniors need.   They also get a head start on their classes and getting used to university living. 

On the other hand, I think high school kids need to be kids.  Big time college football is more then a full time job.  You are going to class and spending the rest of the day at Schembechler Hall.  I think high school kids need to go to their prom, play basketball if they want to and do all the "last semester activities" that all seniors enjoy. 

In the 2014 class, Michigan has 15 players committed to the class, with probably two spots still open.  Out of those 15 players, 7 kids have signed there LOI's and are planning on enrolling Ann Arbor.  Those players reporting that they signed their LOI for early enrollment are:

  • Drake Harris WR
  • Wilton Speight QB
  • Brandon Watson CB
  • Fred Canteen WR
  • Mason Cole OL
  • Michael Ferns, LB
  • Bryan Mone DT
That is a pretty good group of guys enrolling early and locked for the 2014 class.  That is nearly 47% of the entire 2014 class to date if you are keeping score at home.  Wilton re-classified last year due to an injury, so he has already gone through all his senior activity.   Bryan Mone has confirmed his letter was sent in (his coach said it hadn't been sent yet). 

  • Joey Burzynski is out with a torn ACL
  • Drew Dileo should be back against MSU
  • The offense line still could change
  • Team will practice on Thursday and Friday of this week
  • MSU kick is at 3:30 on ABC

7 minutes of Devin and Jeremy on BTN:

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