Thursday, November 14, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Decision at Hand

Update 12:50  He is going to Alabama.

Today is the day folks.  The Michigan program could use a win, they really could.  The #1 player in the nation (Rivals) and 5 star DE Da'Shawn Hand will make his decision known today between 12 -1 today. 

Michigan has had a nice lead through this entire process but he has visited both Florida and Alabama in the past few weeks.  But it's clear the Wolverines have not preformed well on the field this year (neither has Florida) and Alabama has.

Decisions - Decisions:

  • Only a few recruits take on the field performance (the year before they get there) into play in their decision.   Most don't consider it that important, I don't know if Da'Shawn is worried about that or not.   I hope he understands that Michigan really needs help with pass rush.

  • Academics:  Da'Shawn hit it off with a professor in Sports Management at Michigan and also an Engineering professor at Alabama.   Academics has to favor Michigan.

  • NFL:  Getting to the NFL favors Bama.

  • National Championships:  Is strongly in Bama's favor

  • Coaching:  I think the Michigan staff has the best relationship with Da'Shawn and his family.  The Saban rumors to Texas will weigh on his decision.

This is not a normal #1 recruit, Da'shawn is serious about academics and the school he attends.  At first he didn't believe he could major in Engineering and play football, the Alabama professor changed his mind.  He has visited  Ann Arbor much more then any other school he is considering.   The insiders are split right now and nobody really knows where he is going.    We will find out around noon today. 

It will be shown on the NBC Sports Network. 

Michigan really needs a win.


maize n blue blood said...

I dropped this link in here, because this guy is has a top 25 offensive line @ Utah State. Maybe hoke will poach him. We need help to be the Michigan of old.

posty55 said...

There is so much I can say..but like D.Hand said is that "he wants to win a national championship" can we compeat with that...Alabama has had 15 players selected in the 1st round the last 3 years...Michigan.... There's your answer.

Big35Hurt said...

Sure hope the pro football thing works out for Mr Hand. Clearly he doesn't care at all about academics. Good riddance....