Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Isn't Confirming Anything

Coach Durkin and Coach Drevno had press conferences yesterday and pretty much answered questions by not confirming anything.   No injuries, player movement, or starters confirmed.  Everyone is having a good camp and there is a lot of energy.   Submarine mode is still in effect.

  • 2017 OL recruit from Oak Park Jaraymond Hall attended the Saturday night scrimmage

  • Scouts Sam Webb is reporting that Freddy Canteen has been playing both WR and CB in camp this year.   It will be interesting to see where he ends up.  Reports are that he didn't participate in the Saturday's scrimmage, so he may have an injury. 

  • Brandon Peters got invited and will play in the Army All American game.

  • Utah is preparing for Michigan by watching a bunch of Florida games on defense.  Senior running back Devontae Booker admitted that it was a little strange Monday, when "we're watching a Florida film, and we're playing Michigan."

  • Durkin and Mattison coached together at ND and now again in Ann Arbor.


Voice of Reason said...

Interesting article about Utah's preparation for this game. It's only logical for them to look at Florida, USC and other film to get a sense of what to expect. However, I remember when Chip Kelly left Oregon to coach the Philadelphia Eagles the first year, and so many opposing coaches were studying his Oregon films to understand what to expect. Then they learned that his approach was modified for the NFL and based upon his current "personnel" so he still surprised a few teams.

Plus Michigan isn't confirming even what appears to be the obvious. Utah doesn't know for sure whose available. We "assume" Brian Mone has a broken ankle but we don't really know. We assume that the number one wide receiver could be out with an injured hand, and so forth. Utah has nothing concrete to work with and so they're going in different directions trying to get ready.

In addition, just by hearing the Utah players they are very concerned about this game. They have to psych themselves up by posting a quote from the Popular Mechanics magazine that didn't even come from Michigan. They're saying that the Michigan student body is more confident now because of their new coach so they're offended by that. And they're talking about how Harbaugh benched their player when he coached the 49ers by changing QB? ...really?!!! They're afraid, very afraid. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

9 days..... GO BLUE!!!

Bob said...

I feel bad from Brian Mone, isn't he from Utah? I'm sure this was going to be a homecoming game for him with a bunch of friends and family.

Voice of Reason said...


Brian Mone is from Utah. This would be a homecoming for him. Logic dictates that the young man is injured. However, what I am saying is with everything in the submarine being hush hush, we don't know if the "leaked" reports are true or if he'll show up as a surprise on game day. If the latter is the case then the staff would have plausible deniability because they've never said he was injured. That is why I am saying that we won't really know until we do really know...you know?!!! IMHO!!!