Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Coach Speak - Jimmy Style

Offensive line?  “The offensive line is improving. Offensive line is getting better. Probably the guy who made the biggest jump is Kyle Kalis. Graded out for the ballgame 90% [or] a little above 90% along with Graham Glasgow, who’s been consistently very good and been our best offensive lineman. Kalis is ascending fast, so it’s great to see that. The other one is Ben Braden is playing better. Still has work to do, but he’s improving as well. Thought Mason Cole and Magnuson both improved. They’re playing more physical and they’re finishing. They’re really making an effort to finish right now. So, all five of those guys. What’s helping our running game right now is them and the contribution by the backs, but also the receivers.

QB controversy?  “To be clear, Jake Rudock’s the best quarterback. Not by a small margin. He’s our best quarterback. And when it comes to precision of the passing game and timing, that’s something that we’re all working together at, and it’s the responsibility of everyone. I feel it’s divisive when you just pull out one name to just keep hammering; there, there, so hope that’s clear. He’s our best quarterback.”

Best Player on D? “Jourdan Lewis was the player of the game defensively. Had four pass breakups. Defended the deep ball well. Clark got an interception. Stribling got an interception. And we talked about that was a point of emphasis we wanted to get better at [and] we’re improving there. We’re going to have to be good this week. BYU is really good throwing the football. Big receivers that will challenge you downfield.

Best Player on O? Jehu Chesson was our player of the game offensively and on special teams, and a big reason was he contributed to the passing game, contributed to the running game, contributed putting points on the board, and his blocking was making a real effort at it. Along with all our receivers…Amara [Darboh].

It's good to see the offensive line is progressing and that former 5 star offensive lineman Kyle Kalis graded out well for the game.  I have been waiting for him to be one of Michigan's best offensive lineman since he stepped on campus. 

We have figured Jake was the best QB on the team and now we have confirmation.  Shane is not ready and if Jake can stay healthy he will get his much needed redshirt. Jake is not perfect by any means but he is a smart kid and is working with the best QB coach in the country.   Jake getting better as the season goes on, is definitely a possibility.  He has a tenacity to stare down his targets and I would like to see more throws downfield.  This week will be a big test against a very good BYU team. 

Great to see Jehu making a difference in many phases of the game.  I still would like to see him run under a deep ball for a 60 yard TD catch. 


Renegade said...

“To be clear, Jake Rudock’s the best quarterback. Not by a small margin."

Given the QB play in the first three games, that's scary. Here's hoping that someone steps up next year to fill what is currently a pretty deep void.

Scott K said...

Recall, leading up to the opener Shane and Jake were in a neck & neck horse race, according to Jim.

Three shaky games later. Jake is the best, not by a small margin, according to Jim.

I think Jim is protecting his QB and team from a media QB circus..
Trying to build on and improve on each week is going to be easier for the team keeping the same qb under center.

Rudock has been a huge disappointment, in my opinion, but then again so have most of the last 7 years.

Trust in Jim, trust in Jim.


Scott Winar said...

Renegade: Whole-heartedly agree... Harbaugh knows best... but before Wangler took over 79/80,,, the crowd would chant "wangler... "Wangler". Scott K mentioned "Speight"(I think?) through some good balls", and sometimes fan observations are accurate, and coaches find this out on a later date. Hence, is it better to develop talent for next year, or use your senior. I also have a theory that sometimes a player performs top-notch in practice, but has "game day mental issues and "chokes", whereas a player that performs okay in practice> might be a "butt-kicker" on game day (lights it up on the field)

Big35Hurt said...

Also keep this in mind.....if Harbaugh wants to keep the door open to future grad student transfers, then he's not going to throw Rudock under the bus. O'Korn is the best QB in the entire program right now. So, I don't think Harbaugh is too worried about the position moving forward unless Peters decommits.

Bob said...

Peters has been lighting up High School games this year and your right, the buzz on O'Korn is very good. I think Michigan has some good options at QB next year. Rudock hasn't played well but it seems its the best option at this point, mostly if they want to red shirt Shane.