Thursday, October 1, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Big Ten Weekend Preview

Since most of the news about Maryland - Michigan is more about the weather then the game, I will take a look at the rest of the Big Ten this weekend.  BTW: There latest rumor is they might change the game to noon from 8:00.  Not sure if that will make a difference since the storm continues to change when it might hit land but it will probably be raining pretty hard at either time. 

Purdue at MSU= Purdue is the worst team in the Big Ten and a 3 TD dog. 

Minnesota at Northwestern = The Wildcats are a 4.5 favorite.  I think Minnesota wins this game.

Iowa at Wisconsin = Wisky is a favored by at TD.   Time to find out if Iowa is real or not. 

OSU at Indiana = OSU is a 3 TD favorite.  This is always a let down game for the Buckeyes.   IU is 4-0 and I think they will stay within 21 points but will lose the game.

Nebraska at Illinois = If you had to guess which team was .500 going into Big Ten play, I think most of us would have picked Illinois.   The Cornhuskers are favored by a TD and will win by more. 

Army at Penn State - Penn State is favored by 23 points

Michigan at Maryland = This line has been all over the place and they even took it off the board for awhile.   Michigan is now a 16 point favorite on the road and maybe in a lake. 

Rutgers is off this week.

Other Notes:

My theory on Rich Rod continues to be accurate.  As a reminder, my RR theory is: 

  • His teams will pull one upset every year
  • When there is a big game and RR's team is expected to compete, they don't and lose big.
  • RR's defense hurts his offense in big games.
Examples:  WVU vs. Pitt when West Virginia was one game away from the National Championship and lose to a poor Pitt team.   3 years at Michigan and the PAC 12 Championship last season. 

Latest Example: ESPN Gameday was in Arizona last weekend and RR was all over ESPN.  His team got rolled by UCLA, the game was over by halftime.  

Another side note:  Thank goodness Jimmy came home and David Brandon is selling Barbie dolls.


Scott K said...

UCLA is a good team, and likely would have beaten AZ anyway, but don't forget the starting QB was knocked out of the game in the 1st Qtr.
The back up QB can run, but his pass looks like a Randy Johnson fastball.

Scott K said...

correction: the starting QB for AZ was knocked out in 2nd quarter, not the first.