Thursday, June 2, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Jimmy Speaks At The Indy Camp

From the Detroit News:

“It was so good, so fun. I remember talking after last year’s (camp tour) this is the most fun I’ve had in, I can’t remember when I had this much fun,” Harbaugh said after the camp wrapped up. “Getting to do it even more is a great privilege, blessing. It’s an honor to be doing it.

“Connecting with a big part of the football world — as I see it anyway — and I think the youngsters learned some things. One, two, three, four good things they can take away from. So it was very productive, healthy start and onward.”

To start the camp.....

He laid out several ground rules for the camp: no injuries, make a new ally, leave the event with more confidence and have an “attitude for gratitude.”

“You’re somebody’s pride and joy, their whole world. Just have a little gratitude for that,” said Harbaugh, who wore his usual Michigan shirt, Michigan hat, khakis and black cleats. “Maybe when you leave here today, thank them or thank somebody for being alive, being here, whatever it is.
“Do your best, that’s all anybody asks and that’s all anybody expects. That would make your parents very proud. Go out and give it your best and take something away from today.”

Jimmy is in Atlanta with Coach Smart from Georgia this morning.

  • Some of Baylor's 2016 signed recruits are asking to be let out of their LOI's to attend school in a couple of months.   Too early to tell if Michigan is interested in any of these players if they are let out of their LOI's.   This will come down to Baylor's decision to let them out or not.  They can transfer but would have to sit out a year. 

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