Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Thank Goodness Michigan Didn't Hire....................

When Lloyd Carr retired Michigan struggled to find the right head coach.   They couldn't decide on Les and actually offered the job to the Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano.   At the time, I thought it was a good choice.   Greg reportedly, accepted the job, declined the job and tried to re-accept.   By that time Sailboat Bill's boat as sailed to Rich Rod.

Many had expected that Greg would be inline for the Penn State job when Joe Paterno retired.   Greg didn't wait for a PSU offer and headed for a failed experience coaching Tampa Bay in the NFL.   We all know what happened at Penn State and many of us believed there was zero chance that Joe and others on the staff didn't know what Sandusky was doing.

Depositions were released yesterday, show that Paterno knew as early at 1976 when a young camper approached him about an assault.  He replied, "I don't want to hear about any of that stuff, I have a football season to worry about".   That statement to me sounds like a person, who had heard that allegation before and had taken a blind eye to it.   There were also reports from 1987 and twice in 1988 of staff witnessing Sandusky. 

The depositions also say that Greg Schiano and Tom Bradley knew what was going on.  Both have denied knowing after the reports came out yesterday.    Neither would have a spot on my staff.  Schiano is the assistant head coach at Ohio State and Bradley is the DC for UCLA.

This is the worst thing to ever happen to college football.  I don't know how you ever hire anyone that is even remotely associated with it. 


Moving on to some lighter topics.

  • Some freshman are strong! Gary is said to have put up (bench press) 225 pounds 26 times and Khaleke Hudson tweeted he did 25.    Expect to see both of these guys on the field early and often. 

  • It seems that Michigan might have been knocked out of the pole position for both Cesar Ruiz (Alabama) and Drew Singleton (Clemson).   Jimmy and staff have their work cut out for both of these guys.  The good thing is Michigan is a close second or 1A.

  • 4 Star DT Jay Tufele has a top 3 of Michigan, OSU at Utah.

  • 4 star OT Jedrick Willis is planning another visit for the BBQ at the Big House


Voice of Reason said...

There is a woman who shared a story with her co-workers in passing and even though we can't verify the truthfulness of her statement it was clear to her co-workers that she had nothing to gain or lose by sharing it with them.

The woman said that her son was a student at PSU and he had an encounter with Sandusky. She said that her son reported it to Coach Paterno and as a result, Paterno was trying to get her son kicked out of the school. She did not share the final disposition neither did anyone ask.

Like I've stated, her co-workers received it at face value and assumed that what she told them was true because they had no reason to assume otherwise. It is important to receive inflammatory,incendiary comments with an open mind and a grain of salt. However, my point in sharing this information is that it seems to be consistent in nature with the other unrelated sources that suggested that Paterno may have indeed known about Sandusky's actions. That is unfortunate because PSU is a great school and Paterno was their beloved hero. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

The fact that a staffer (Mike McQueary) actually witnessed a child being raped and had a reaction OTHER than knocking the rapist the fuck out..... would lead you imagine the unhealthy status or stature given to guys like Joe Pa, Sandusky, etc...A protect the program at any cost mentality, absolutely horrible.

Its unlikely the entire truth will ever be known, but how a grown man could witness a child being raped and not immediately use whatever force necessary to end the assault and save the child is completely mind boggling to me.

I hope everyone who had an inkling that this was going on, and chose to turn a blind eye.... burns in hell, after spending many years in a prison cell.

ScottyDoggs said...

I would ad to it, but the combo of Voice of reason, and Scott K. nailed it:

It's mind boggling for me, that this continued for so long, and so many people knew. I still wonder what Joe Paterno was thinking, he through it all away... exceptional people also have flaws... the guy who invented the I phone Steve Jobs was a genius (although I extremely disliked him), Steve knew he caught the pancreatic cancer very early... but he waited six months, and tried to lick it by eating apples and such... a death sentence.

I have to as this is that Scott K. and I see eye to eye on this (sometimes we can agree on things!

Also how many of this Penn State clowns went to church on Sundays, and how many of them talked about building young men's character, YUCH!
Penn State alumni are clamoring to have stature of Joe Paterno put back out on display... replace with Sandusky have a young teen bent over (playing leap frog (lol), and joe Paterno watching and playing with himself.