Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: The Opening Finds a WR From Iowa

One of the things I was looking for when researching for yesterdays post was how Nico Collins and DP-J played.  It seems both had minor injuries which limited their playing time. 

With the loss of those big weapons, Ambry Thomas played WR and did quite well.    Another name to pop out was 3 star Iowa WR Oliver Martin, who seemed to have very good chemistry with McCaffrey.  So much so that Michigan quickly offered along with Oregon, Iowa, Michigan State, Indiana, Wisconsin, BYU and Illinois.  Oliver showed at the Opening that he has great hands, runs great routes and is a very good athlete at 6'1 and 190 pounds.   Oliver had mostly MAC offers before attending the Opening Finals.

Oliver has an interesting background, he is also a very good competitive swimmer and baseball player. Taking those athletic intangibles to another level, Martin’s father Jeff was a talented swimmer and his mother Lisa shined in track and field. His little sister Ruby damn near just made the Olympic Team as a rising junior in high school placing fourth in the 200 butterfly at last week’s Olympic Trials. Martin was able to drive to Omaha with some buddies to catch her sister in the finals before returning home for his baseball responsibilities while also training for The Opening.

Expect Oliver to receive a bump to a 4 star WR by most recruiting services in the near future.

  • Speaking of recruiting services, it seems Scout is having some serious issues.   We may see some consolidation in recruiting services. 

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Scott K said...

I hope he goes Blue.... Sounds like a great asset. Dileo type player with a much higher ceiling.

I'm enjoying the hell out of Summer, but only 7 more Saturdays to go!