Friday, October 7, 2016

Rutgers Preview

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Time: 7:00
Location: High Point Solutions
Weather: 60's chance of rain
Line:  Michigan -29.5

Sorry the preview is late today.  Had a few internet issues.  

This is what Michigan's next three weeks look like:  Rutgers on the road, bye week, and Illinois at home.   The odds of Michigan losing in the next three weeks is pretty low heading into the game at East Lansing.  

Tale of the Tape:

Rutgers is not good at football

Rutgers lost to Ohio State 58-0 last week and they are trying to build a rivalry against Michigan for taking such high NJ assets as Peppers and Gary.  They also don't like that Michigan holds satellite camps in their state.   I'm sure the Michigan faithful and families of all the NJ players will make up 50% of High Point stadium.   :-)

Chris Ash is a good football coach and will have this program turned around in a couple of years.  When I say turned around they might win 6-8 games at some point.    Chris's OSU and Michigan hatred runs deep and Rutgers trying to build a rivalry with Michigan is just silly. 

Sing "I'm in a NY State of Mind" if................(Yes, I know this game is played in NJ)

  • Michigan finally gets two RB's with over a 100 yards
  • Michigan doesn't need Kenny to punt
  • The Michigan defense plays well and shuts down Rutgers
  • Peppers is taken out of the game in the 3rd quarter because the game is out of hand

Yell, Why is Rutgers in the Big Ten if.................................
  • This is like the UConn game a few years ago
  • Michigan gets completely out of sorts on the road
  • Wilton has to pass the ball to win the game
  • Michigan is turning the ball over

It's hard to find ways that this is going to be a competitive game.  Covering a 30 point spread isn't easy and there will be some folks in Vegas taking Rutgers to cover that line. 

I really want to see O'Korn in this game, like maybe the entire second half?  I doubt that will happen but I think he needs the snaps.  Hell, Jimmy could even start Shane Morris in this game and I wouldn't be upset.  

It seems Hurricane Matthew is staying away from the game, which is good news.   Expect to see a lot of true freshman play in what should be a blowout. 

Michigan 48 Rutgers 6


GoBlueAtRU said...

Hi Bob! Long time reader of the Big House Blog! I've actually kept up with this blog since I discovered it on Bleacher Report way back in 2009-ish. My father raised me a proud fan of the Maize and Blue, and I've always love your content.

Just posting since I actually attend Rutgers now (it's in-state and "cheap") and will be attending the game. Rutgers is really trying to play up this game, having a special event where we will try to wear rows of red and black. Tickets have been actually really hard to come by for this game, and the stadium will probably be packed (until RU is down by 30 in at half time at least). The school paper has also been playing up the victory in 2014, even though it came during the Hoke years and UM has greatly improved since then.

Regardless, just wanted to express my appreciation for the blog. Even though I'll be in the Rutgers student section, I'll be rooting for the Wolverines quietly in my heart. Go Blue!

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