Monday, November 14, 2016

Breaking News: Wilton is Done For the Regular Season

Mgoblog is reporting that Wilton Speight has broken his collarbone and is out for the regular season.   He broke his collarbone in high school and that is why he is a year older then his classes mates as he re-classified for the next year. 

There is a chance he could come back for a bowl game, depending on if he needs surgery and how quickly he heals.

The news just keeps getting better and better.   Welcome John O'Korn to the starting QB job against Indiana and in Columbus against Ohio State.

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ScottyDoggs said...

Oh Lord, at least O'korn has playing time (some), and a lot at previous college.
I screamed many times that Okorn should get a lot of playing time (prepare for the worst).

Now it's now Okorn has 2 weeks to morph into a super-hero.
I believe he can! His career is two weeks long, and can extend it ... if he "kicks booty".