Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: Two 4 Stars on Monday!

With all these guys committing it makes you forget that Michigan is playing in a football game in less then two weeks.    What a Monday!

It started out at noon when IMG Center Cesar Ruiz picked the Wolverines.  Cesear is widely known as the top center in this class.  Scout actually has him #2, while all the services have him #1.   Center is a bit of a unique position and usually you take a guard prospect and turn him into a center.   CR is true center and I love it. 

He is enrolling early and will have a chance to at least compete for the two deep.   This was a very important pick-up for the 2017 class!

Then at 4:00 the commitment of instate 4 star Flint Southwestern DL Deron Irving-Bey dropped.   Deron early in his recruitment was a lock to MSU.   This recruitment didn't work out for the Spartans as he has been a regular visitor in Ann Arbor this summer.   He never took an official to East Lansing.

DIB is a 4 star across all the services and a top 300 player.   His offer list included Tennessee, Maryland, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Indiana, Iowa State, Pitt, Syracuse, and Western Michigan.  That is not exactly a whos who in college football, but it also very Midwest centric for a kid that didn't play on a very good team.

Here is the thing, he is 6'5 and up to 280 pounds.   He is closer to the basement then his ceiling, he will add some weight and technique under the great Greg Mattison.   My hope is he moves to more of a DT then a DE in Ann Arbor.  I would love him to be a Willie Henry or a Mo Hurst.  It's also pretty clear that he is heading to a redshirt unless his quickness gets him on the field next season. 

I saw this on the Mgoblog board, but it really is Commitmas!  🎄🎅

Who is left Bob?

- IMG's 4-5 star LB Jordan Anthony announces on Thursday. 

- We hope to hear the crown jewel of this class #1 ranked Najee Harris sometime soon.

-5 Star DT Aubrey Solomon

-Top 100 UT DT Jay Tufele

-NJ 4 star LB Drew Singleton

- TX 4 star OT Chuck Filiaga

All these guys could commit at anytime now.   AL WR Nico Collins is planning on announcing on signing day.    The players that need to enroll early can announce this month or at their respective all star games.   MS LB Willie Gay is also on the board, if his qualification issues are cleared up.

Michigan has 24 spot filled now and it looks pretty clear they are heading to a class of 30.   With the biggest need being on the offensive line and probably at the tackle position.   The balance of being able to use a 2016 scholarship vs. 2017 ship (for the early enrollees) will be one reason the Wolverines will be able to load up this class.


Scott K said...

I know.... I know.... But anything that lends to Harris going Blue is going to get attention.


Voice of Reason said...

Bob, can you shed some light on the slots for 2016 vs. 2017 and if Michigan could get everyone they wanted how do they make it work, eg. Najee Harris, Jordon Anthony, Aubrey Solomon, Jay Tufele, Drew Singleton, Chuck Filiaga, Willie Gay, Nico Collins, (even Isaiah Wilson) and anyone else that I may be over looking? Who do they take, who gets Gray shirted and who do they let walk away? I'm guessing that there are some potential Silent Commits on board. Thanks...IMHO!!!