Thursday, December 28, 2017

Michigan Thursday: Bad Bowl Games

Have Bowl Games officially jumped the shark?  It sure does seem like it.   I love college football but it sure is hard to watch 6-6 teams play each other in a stadium with 6,000 people in it.  Who is making money off these games?  Bad Boy Motors? Walk-On's bar and grill?

I was a little excited to see Big Ten teams start playing yesterday.  Then I started watching the Pinstripe Bowl.   Everyone loves NYC at Christmas but are we reaching a bit trying to have a bowl game in Yankee Stadium when it's 20 degrees out?  The field was frozen and that alone should be enough to at least move that game to the NFL Stadium that has heating under the field so it doesn't freeze.   Or how about this?  Move it to a warm location or a dome!  Iowa literally skated to a victory over BC.

How many times do we need to see Rich Rod struggle to beat Purdue?  I have enough bad memories of that to last a lifetime.   Let's cut the bowls in half and expand the playoffs.   This is getting out of hand. 

  • Sounds like Michigan and South Carolina got into a little bit of a mess at bowling last night.  It was more trash talking then anything, but hopefully it will motivate the Wolverines. 

  • Devin Bush, Sr. is filling in and doing some on field coaching and recruiting as Jimmy looks to fill his staff.

  • When talking about Greg Frey yesterday, I miss calculated the openings on Jimmy's staff if he leaves.  Jimmy would have 3 spots to fill as I forget that Brian Smith has left for Rice and that is the position currently Devin Bush, Sr. is filling.

  • Sounds like Cesar Ruiz will get the start at RG for the Outback.

  • Lane Kiffin visited Michigan's practice yesterday.

  • Michigan State plays Washington State tonight on Fox.  Mike Leach had a pet raccoon growing up.

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