Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: New Jordan's For The Public Coming in June

If you want to wear the shoes Jordan Poole was wearing in the biggest shot of the tournament so far.  You can still purchase the Michigan Jordan 32's from Nike.   They still have the Westbrook Why Not's still in stock as well.   Both shoes versions sold out quickly at the MDen put there are plenty available at Nike or Ebay. 

When the shoes are still available at Nike, that means they didn't have the impact Nike was hoping for both models of Michigan Jordan's.   So the Jordan Brand will release Michigan Jordan 12's in June.   The price will be $225 which is very expensive and I expect in limited availability. 

The picture below is probably not the version that will be released:

PSNY Air Jordan 12 Michigan

The team also has a PE (player edition) that is different from above. 

  • Speaking of the Sweet 16 Basketball team, the Wolverines made it to LA last night.   I'm sure they will get a good practice in today and then of course the game against Texas A&M on Thursday night.

  • Jimmy, Jim, and Pep the new Michigan Football offensive brain trust say they are going to run more RPO's next year.   I don't care if they run more wishbone as long as it gets more first downs and touchdowns.   Michigan was also going to run the west coast offense last year.  Not sure that ever happened. 

    • Spring Game is April 14th at 7:00.  Its free.

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