Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: Mo and Charles Get Combine Invites

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We know two Wolverines are trying the NBA on for size in the next few months.   Mo Wagner is officially gone and has signed with an agent.   Charles Matthews is looking to turn heads at the NBA combine because he is rated as a 2nd round or even a free agent player for the NBA right now.   Charles is not expected to sign with an agent which would keep the door open to returning to Michigan.   If that is the case, going through this process will give him a lot of information from NBA teams on what he needs to work on at Michigan next season. 

Both guys will be at the combine and get to show their stuff.   We all expected DJ Wilson to come back to Michigan last year and he preformed well at the Combine and became a 1st round draft pick.   He spent the year on Milwaukee's bench and in the G-League.  

  • Speaking of Mo he signed with Roc Nation Sports as his agent.

  • Joe Milton can throw the ball 85 yards.

  • Gary is already showing up in Mock Drafts for next year in the top 10.  Consider this his senior year.

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Cormac said...

I still think that DJ Wilson would have been better off if he had come back for another year. But then that's just my humble opinion.