Friday, November 8, 2019

Michigan Friday: Chase Young and Rumors on Evans

Best get to the breaking news first this morning.  OSU DE Chase Young maybe the best player in College Football has been suspended for the Maryland game for a potential NCAA violation.   Rumor mill is saying he took money from an agent or booster back in 2018.  If that did happen, he could be sitting the rest of the year and OSU's last 8 games could be in question.  On the other hand, don't be surprised if Chase is only suspended for the Maryland game where OSU is a 40 point favorite and back for PSU and Michigan games.

There was some twitter activity last night about Chris Evans and potentially coming back to Michigan.  Chris is currently not enrolled but might have the possibility of re-enrolling and joining the team in January.   Michigan has not given any official word on this and should only be considered a rumor at this point.

  • Josh Uche, Josh Metellus, and Ben Bredeson all have accepted invites to the Senior Bowl. 

  • Reports are that Deion is a candidate for FSU head coach.  Love Deion but this will not end well if it happens. 

  • 2020 Basketball recruiting 5 star guard Josh Christopher will officially visit A2 on 11/22.

Enjoy the bye weekend!


Cormac said...

I hope that Chris can make it. There's another Michigan forum that I follow and one of the hot topics is what is going to happen with Chris. Will he make it back on the football team. There is someone there that claims to be a Michigan alumnus and says that he deserves to know what exactly Chris did wrong. IMO, nobody but Chris, Michigan, and God deserve to know what happened.

Goose said...

On a neutral field I believe Minnesota would beat Michigan. Pj would definitely out coach Harbaugh. Minnesota was very smart to extend his contract before this game.

MichiganMan said...

Goose... don't be surprised if PJ Fleck becomes our next head coach

Goose said...

Gonna be hard to get him now. Maybe Harbaugh gets another year then we go after him.

szanreno said...

I thought we were after Lincoln Riley or Urban Meyer?!? Hahaha.

Goose said...

Michigan man speaks for himself on those two names. I have been high pj since his days at western. I was also very excited about Harbaugh when he was hired, should he leave this year or next I believe pj would be a viable replacement.