Thursday, May 6, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Everyone Hates Chris

That isn't true, but Chris Webber is reportedly out at TNT/TBS after his contract expires at the end of the season.   It seems Chris pulled a late, "no thank you" to doing the NCAA Tournament and the big wigs at CBS did not care for that.   So Chris maybe looking for a new gig or might just sit on his money for awhile.  

  • Michigan has been quieter then I like in offering players in the transfer portal, but it seems they just offered UAB DT Tony Fair (to Midland).   He is 6'3 and 330 pounds.   How about a CB and a WR?
  • Quinn Nordin signs a UDFA contract with the New England Patriots.  I hope he finds his accuracy. 
  • Looks like Jalen Mayfield will wear 77 for Atlanta Falcons
  • Chris Evans will wear #25 for Cincy

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jprus said...

It's not Midland,,,it's midlin. dealing with cotton quality