Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Michigan Tuesday: Carr Clears the Air and Big Ten Rumors at 31 Flavors

Detroit News Michigan insider Angelique Chengelis spoke to Coach Carr yesterday on the Morgan Trent situation.  Here is his response:

"That paragraph is completely a distortion of my conversation with Morgan," Carr said. "That is a complete distortion, and it is not accurate. I have never spoken with the author. I have never met him. I have never had a conversation with him to the best of my knowledge."

Morgan Trent then responds:

"Lloyd didn't bring any of this to my attention," Trent said. "When we spoke, I brought it up to him, and he said he had heard some of the same things."

"I heard it from enough different sources as far as coaches and scouts, obviously it wasn't make believe," Trent said. "I'm not losing sleep over it. It's something that happened a year ago, and I've got other things I need to worry about."At that time, it was motivation for me to prove that wrong and to show these scouts and the Bengals that I could play, that that wasn't my character. It's dead and gone now. It's water under the bridge."

Morgan Trent is clearly not a Rich Rod fan.

Now on to the Big Ten's latest rumors. 

This process has been nothing short of hilarious.  How many reports have we had that this institution had been offered by the Big Ten to find out they aren't accurate?  I think Ferris Bueller will have a report next week on who the Big Ten has offered.  An ESPN radio station out of Kansas City reported yesterday that Missouri, Rutgers, Nebraska, and ND were all invited to join the Big Ten.  Andy Katz quickly jumped on the phone and said his sources close to the situation at a couple Universities on the list denied being offered by the Big Ten.   I think we should only accept reports from the Wall Street Journal on this topic moving forward.  Not a radio station from Kansas City.  With that said, If I was in charge of the Big Ten those would be 4 schools near the top of my list.

Some Recruiting News:

  • Trey DePreist still may make it up to the BBQ at the Big House.  It depends if he has a conflict with his baseball schedule.

  • Louisiana friends who have Michigan offers might visit Ann Arbor together this summer.  The friends are Mickey Johnson and Trai Turner. 

  • Michigan is also recruiting two linebackers from Cincinnati: Antonio Poole and Sean Duggan.

  • TomVH from Mgoblog gives us a nice recruiting update.  The biggest news is D. Hart is still not confirmed to attend the BBQ.  It seems it might just be a scheduling issue.  Many of us expect him to announce his commitment at the BBQ.

  • The rumor mill is saying that the Michigan Basketball program might be getting a new basketball commitment this week.  

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