Friday, November 16, 2012

Iowa Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: Sunny and 50
Line: Mich -16.5
On the Line: Bowl game for Iowa, possible Big 10 championship game for Michigan

I don't understand the 4-6 Iowa Hawkeyes, I really don't.   Maybe Captain Kirk Ferentz has been there too long.  This program has been all over the board the last 5+ years.  With that said, this group of Michigan seniors has never beaten Iowa.  The last win Michigan had over Iowa was in 2006 (they did take 2 years off in the series in 2007 & 2008). 

That is really hard to grasp, the last decent Iowa team that I remember was the one that beat Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl in 2010.   The Hawkeyes this year is on the edge of total collapse:  They have had 4 straight losses (after beating MSU in East Lansing) with includes Penn State, Northwestern, Indiana, and Purdue.  Throw in loses to Iowa State and Central Michigan and you have a year you should forget.

Mama don't let your running backs go to Iowa.   It's well documented that pretty much every RB on Iowa's roster has gone down with an injury,  their offensive line also took a big hit after the Penn State game as well.    I guess it could be worse, Maryland has lost all their QB's to transfer or injury.  They have started a LB at QB the last two weeks. 

Tale of the Tape:

Denard vs. Denard's Elbow = I'm hoping for Denard to start and play QB for his last game in the Big House.

Michigan Everything vs. Iowa Everything = Michigan

Tec Fear Factor = 1 out of 5 Bones

Even Tec thinks this game will be a sleeper. 

Sing Hail to the Victors to Denard and this senior class for the last time in the Big House if........
  • Denard is healthy and can throw the ball
  • Devin gets to play the last quarter due to Michigan being up big
  • Iowa's magic Michigan spell has been broken
  • The targeting of Roy Roundtree continues
  • Denard breaks a long run for a TD
Yell, I hate Corn! if.................................
  • Captain Kirk does have a Michigan curse and uses it again
  • Iowa plays like their bowl game is on the line
  • The Michigan Offensive line has trouble creating holes for Fitz and Rawls
  • Iowa starts running the option and moves a Freshman WR to QB
  • QB James Vandenberg throws for 400 yards and keeps Iowa in the game

Iowa seems to be a team that has "thrown in the towel" on the season.  If they lose this game they are not going to a bowl game.   They have a good QB but seem to only run a handful of plays.   The defense was good enough to win in East Lansing but gave up 38 points to PSU a week later.

This is senior day for a ton of Wolverines who we have dropped to the bottom of the ocean to the heights of a BCS win.   They have had two coaching staffs and more drama then an afternoon Soap Opera.  I thank all of them for the commitment to the program and sticking it out in Ann Arbor.  I don't care if your a walk-on that never played or a 4 star recruit that started  every game.  This group of seniors are special and wish them all the luck in the world as they move on to the next phase of their life. 
Senior day against a team that has beaten the Wolverines 3 times in a row.  There will be zero let down and Michigan will want to play well so the likes to Jack Kennedy and others can get in for a few snaps. 

Wolverines to Watch
-Defense:  Roh, Demens, Kovacs, Floyd and Campbell
-Offense: Denard, V. Smith, Mealer , Barnum, Omameh and Roundtree

Side note:  This could be Taylor Lewan's last game at the Big House as well.  He is very high on many draft boards and might go the NFL early.  #2: When the crowd starts chatting Beat Ohio! Also chat to the Hawkeyes: Beat Nebraska!

Michigan 38 Iowa 9



David LaFleur said...

Get by Iowa then its them Buckeyes I cant wait to be the first to put a L on Urbans Ohio record. Tec Boogey gonna pound a buckeye next week.

Lionman said...

Sleeper my ass! I hope UM kicks the shitaki out of Iowa, and I'm gonna watch every minute of it, especially with it being Denard and Lewan's last game....P.S. Somebody wake Tec Boogie up!!! Go Blue...enjoy the game everyone!

David LaFleur said...

Tec is always up & ready for Michigan football no matter who they are playing. Go Blue!!