Friday, December 7, 2012

Breaking News: Conley Commits to Ohio State

Update: 2:15PM Conley commits to Ohio.   Not a big surprise.  Under the radar recruit commits to Michigan, has big senior year.  Urban offers and asks the young man to visit.  He wants to take visits and de-commits from Michigan due to the no visit policy.  

Visits Columbus with a visit scheduled for next week to A2.  Mostly likely told, if you re-visit Ann Arbor we are going to pull your offer.   Ohio kid commits to Ohio school.   Huge shocker right?

Note: Hoke's policy is still a good one.  A kid should not be able to visit other schools if he is committed to Michigan.   We will see a couple examples like this a year.  Kids will de-commit each year, whether there is a no visit policy or not.

Michigan did the reverse with Kyle Kalis last year.   

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maize n blue blood said...

If a kid wants to look after committing then let him look, especially when they commit so early. Plus hoke hasn't solidified himself as that coach to play for when you look at the 3 games we gave away this.
Urban went undefeated and that's what he selling to these young men, plus they get to play in their backyard. Bonus: he took a player from hoke the pacifist and its only the beginning of that mess.

Hoke has to plant his feet and solidify that he's the coach kids want to play for.