Thursday, December 6, 2012

Michigan Thursday: BigHouse Bullets

  • David Dawson is planning a visit to OSU but will have to reschedule due to taking the ACT this weekend.  He visits Ann Arbor for the 100th time next weekend.

  • Conley will be visiting OSU this weekend.  He was there last weekend for the Michigan game. He is also expected in Ann Arbor next weekend.  (if he doesn't commit to OSU this weekend) He also just sprained his ankle playing basketball.

  • The Monday Night Football Crew will be doing the Outback Bowl.   Gruden is from Tampa and Tirico  lives in Ann Arbor.  So it's a good fit.

  • OSU has offered 2014 Michigan commit Denzel Ward.

  • Michigan is showing interest in 2013 S Malcolm Cook who just de-committed from Virginia.  He is a 3 star recruit to Rivals.

  • David Brandon is saying that Crisler is close to sold out for the rest of the year.  Well done U of M fans!


Lionman said...

OSU needs to get their lustfull eyes off our awesome recruits, bunch of gayfers! Go Blue!!!

maize n blue blood said...

hoke is a pacifist. The reason i say this cause urban meyer is trying to take his players and he said he was going to kick the $h!t of us in the last game. hoke and ab folded in that game.So again hoke is a pacifist. He is here to preserve the michigan football name. He's not gonna push back, he just doesn't have it in him to do it.

So lets get use to the passive brady hoke. hey if someone wants to take MICHIGAN's lunch they can hoke will just look the other way. Maybe he can beat those big name teams with that attitude, i don't think so but we will see.

uncle ron said...

Maize n blue...personally I think he's a fox in the weeds not saying your wrong........ just saying

uncle ron said...

Malcolm Cook is a hitter with some gitty-up.....

Bob said...

There was talk at Florida that Urban followed Saban around and just offered the recruits Bama did. Seems like something similar here.

It seems Michigan gets early on some kids and then OSU comes in later and offers them up. Which could work sometimes with Ohio kids.

maize n blue blood said...

Hey Uncle Ron, what does a fox in weeds mean?

If hoke does not make changes in is coaching staff were we would be weak at (run offensive line), then it is gonna be some trying times for fans and alumni. In order to battle with those schools in the south and get those 4 & 5* running backs, we must have a respected run game to balance our offense.

And that comes with bringing another offensive line coach and not next season but now.