Thursday, December 27, 2012

Michigan Thursday: A couple recruiting tidbits

Leon McQuay is still hoping to make his decision at the UA game in a week.  The word is he is still conflicted about the choice and has a final list of Michigan, USC, Vandy and Oregon.   I don't think the Ducks have much of a chance since they don't have a music program.  Leon needs to make a decision soon if he wants to enroll early at his school of choice. 

Derrick Green could make a decision at the Army game but nobody knows for sure.   Auburn is close to taking another RB that was recently committed to Mississippi State.  If that happens, it should help Michigan's case.

The last OL spot sounds like it could go to 1 of these three prospects:  Dan Samuelson, Dan Skipper or Cameron Hunt.   The Dan's have already visited Ann Arbor and Cameron is expected to visit A2 on 1/11.  It will be interesting if one of the Dan's try to commit before the 11th.  Cameron is reportedly very interested in Michigan.

Illinois commit Reon Dawson is also planning on visiting on 1/1.  If Leon picks another school, Reon's commitment will become a high priority.   Reon is current teammates with Mike McCray and from the same HS that gave us Mike Shaw and Roy Roundtree.

I don't have it confirmed yet but I expect that Jake Butt, Dymonte Thomas, Kyle Bosch, Ross Douglas, Logan Tuley-Tillman and Taco Charlton should all be enrolled for winter semester.

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Voice of Reason said...

Regarding Oregon's Chip Kelly, the word is that he is in talks with Philadelphia Eagles management for their coaching job to replace Andy Reid. He is their top candidate, and that would mean that if hired, Leon would have something else to think about.