Friday, December 28, 2012

Michigan Friday: Who is Enrolled and Who isn't?

Michigan is expecting at least 6 players to enroll early for the 2013 class.  Since we are just days away from January, most players should have their information in and registered in U of M's student directory. 

Looks like some are in and some are TBD.  Even if they don't have their information in yet, doesn't mean they won't be enrolled at Michigan next month.   Case in point is Devin Gardner, who enrolled early but didn't get cleared by his high school until mid-January.   So there is still time. 

Here is a list of players who are expected to enroll early:

Update: Mlive is reporting all the players below are enrolled

  • Dymonte Thomas - Enrolled
  • Kyle Bosch - Enrolled
  • Taco Charlton - Maybe - I'm pretty sure Taco is a nickname and there are two Charlton's showing in the directory as undergrads without a major.
  • Jake Butt-Maybe same situation above, there is a Jonathan Butt enrolled, so I think there is a safe bet he is in.
  • Logan Tuley-Tillman - doesn't look like his paperwork is in yet
  • Ross Douglass - doesn't look like his paperwork is in yet

From those that are wondering and I'm sure many of you are:  No record of a Leon McQuay and Derrick Green is not planning on enrolling early.

The above news is very good for the Wolverines 2013 recruiting class.  It looks like 4 of the 6 recruits are now fully committed and I'm guessing both Ross and LTT will have their registrations completed soon. 

Don't forget Dymonte is a 5 star recruit, who will be on campus in a few weeks! 

Go Blue!


Voice of Reason said...

Taco's name is Vidauntaé Charlton.

David LaFleur said...

D.Thomas hard hitting ball hawking Safety [\/]ICHIGAN has been waiting for since Marcus Ray ran the field. I cant wait to see this kid in action and he is enrolling early couldn't ask for more. Go Blue