Monday, December 31, 2012

Outback Bowl Preview: South Carolina

Time: 1:00 EST
Location: Tampa - Raymond James
Weather: 75 Partly Cloudy
Line: Michigan +5

Michigan has earned the right to play another SEC team this year, the first match-up didn't go so well.  Let's hope this is a better game then the one on 9/1.  Both Michigan and USC have a lot in common, they both were early favorites to win their conference, top ten teams, lost their top running backs to bad leg injuries, both pre-season starting QB have gone down to injuries, both programs have first round draft picks in Lewan & Clowney and both teams play pretty solid defense.  

We know this Michigan team better then we know ourselves at this point.   There are two keys to Michigan's success in this game: Big Al Borges and Denard Robinson.   I expect we will see more Denard at WR and RB to get ready for the NFL and Devin to get ready for his future as Michigan's #1 QB.    I wonder if Big Al has had enough time to game plan for this combo and blocking Clowney with anyone and everyone possible?

Michigan is down two starters with the loss of their punter and starting CB.   The loss of JT Floyd is going to hurt the defense and it should be interesting to see who takes his place in the line-up as we get a glimpse of the future. 

Tale of the Tape

Clowney vs. Lewan = Clowney

U of M D vs. USC D = Push and a low scoring game

Denard's Right Arm vs. the forward pass = Lots of runs

Big Al's Strategy vs. The Old Ball Coach = OBC

Which team wants to be there vs. Which team that doesn't = TBD

Tec Fear Factor

4 out of 5 Bones and wishing he was in Florida for the game!

I have a feeling that Denard will play well in his final game as a Wolverine in his home state of Florida.  I just hope Big Al has a game plan to stop maybe the best player in college football in Clowney.   Both team are going to try to run the ball and surprise each defense with some big plays in the passing game.  

Which Michigan Offensive team will show up?  The first half of the OSU game or the second half? 
That's the big question, can Michigan play up to their ability on offense and score more touchdowns the field goals. 

Sing Hail to the Victors if...........................
  • Denard breaks some big runs
  • Devin is accurate throwing and scrambles for some first downs
  • Denard can throw and surprises everyone in completing say 10 passes
  • Not having a true RB doesn't hurt us
  • The defense plays like it has all year and keeps Michigan in the game

Say well they are "Cocks" no matter if we win or lose if...........
  • Clowney continues to hit either of our QB's with a first name that starts with D
  • Michigan turns the ball over more then once
  • Big Al has the creativity of a blank canvas
  • Wolverine WR's can't get any separation
  • Michigan struggles to score more then a few field goals
I sure hope Michigan plays with pride and sends Denard off to the NFL with an inspired performance.  I'm hoping for more of an effort like they had in the Capital One against Tebow then the Gator against Mississippi State.   Weird things happen in bowl games and the team that wants to be there beats the team that feels they deserved more.  Both teams thought they deserved more in August but ended up here in January.

This is the last chapter in a true Michigan man in Denard.  He will play WR, RB and some QB in his last performance in the Maize and Blue.   He has thrilled us all but continues to struggle against teams with a solid defense that can match his speed.   

Wolverines Watch:  Wile punts well, Big Will has a sack and a couple TFL's, Jake Ryan does his regular Jake Ryan.   Roy Roundtree breaks a long run but gets caught at the one yard line, Denard has over a 100 yards with a couple big runs.   He also surprises everyone with a throw to Gallon for a big gain. 

Michigan 10  USC 21

Go Blue!


David LaFleur said...

Lets Go Blue!!!

Lionman said...

JT Floyd cost our team big time. I feel Michigan controlled the game, but we gave it away on the long pass plays. Glad the season is over...and I hope Vincent Smith is okay, that was a hell of a hit he took and it would have been nice for anotber win. Go Blue!

Mark and Tara said...

Very poor defense! Unacceptable! Gardner missed a number of wide open receivers and should of tucked and ran a few times rather than throwing it. Very pissed off and ruined and yet another New Year's Day. 8-5 sucks ass!