Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wolverine Wednesday: Votes are in on Big Al

I asked the question last week, If you were the AD and could pick the next Michigan offensive coordinator who would you choose?  

The choices were the following:

  • Keep Big AL
  • Scot Loeffler
  • Cam Cameron
  • Someone else

The verdict is in and Scot Loeffler at 31% beat out Keeping Big Al at 26%.   Cam was close at 22%.    The thing I find interesting is that 74% of you want a new offensive coordinator.    Big Al had a difficult year with the miss-handling of Devin as the #2 QB, poor game plans, poor play calling and the second half of the OSU game.   On a side note, Saban is on record of saying that the up tempo that Oregon plays he feels is not fair due to not being able to make any substitutions.   A good idea might have been spending the summer and fall running a bunch of no-huddle for Dallas.   (I'm not saying Michigan would be anywhere near the Ducks offense but it shouldn't had been 100% foreign either because RR ran a similar tempo)

I'm also starting to wonder if WR recruits are not buying what Big AL is selling during that process either.  I confirmed with Tom VH from ESPN yesterday that recruits do like Al and think he is a good offensive coach but he does not do a lot of off campus recruiting.   If your wondering, Greg Mattison does and does it very well.

The B1G welcomes a WAC coach to Wisconsin!

Now Wisconsin has hired Gary Anderson from Utah State.  Gary's record with the Aggies was 27-24 with an 11-2 this season.  Utah State almost beat Wisconsin this year 16-14.  Utah State won the Famous Idaho Bowl last weekend.  So he proved he can beat Toledo. 

This was a surprise to me and I knew Utah State was an up and coming program but I didn't expert their coach was ready to lead Wisconsin.   If the Big Ten wants respect they are going to have to stop fishing for coaches from the Mountain West, WAC and MAC. 

  • From the comments, I can tell many of you are not happy with all the uniform and now helmet changes.   If your interested read a great article by John U Bacon how Michigan Football has become a institution to a Big Business.  

  • Canadian offensive lineman David Knevel was thought to have a Michigan offer, he did not.  David committed to Nebraska yesterday


RokkenwithDokken said...

have to disagree with your comment on coaches from the MAC. Miami Ohio...and the MAC for that matter, are often referred to as the 'Cradle of Coaches' a lot of winners have come from the MAC.

Lionman said...

I for one do not like the different uniforms, as it seems to lead to identity one in the SEC is sporting different designs, cause they know better and are loyal to their colors!

maize n blue blood said...

lionman, there you go again. we are not the sec and don't want to be. how bout you pick a sec team and blog there. uniform is a uniform. the coaching is the issue. hell, i bet if the sec was doing it then lionman would want to.

like i said before lionman, you are weak or the benefit of the doubt "old as hell"


Bob said...

The 'Cradle of Coaches' is a term from Miami of Ohio which has a long history of very good coaches go through that school.

Here is a link with all the coaches:

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar...........

Borges is out as Auburn offensive coordinator
Posted by Phillip Marshall, The Huntsville Times December 11, 2007 12:26 AM
Categories: Football

Two seasons of offensive struggles have cost Al Borges his job as Auburn's offensive coordinator.

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville told Borges last week of his decision to make a change. Borges has already left the Auburn staff and will not coach against Clemson in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on Dec. 31. There has been no official announcement from Auburn, but that will come soon. It is uncertain when Tuberville will name a replacement or who will coordinate the offense in the bowl game.

In going 8-4 in the regular season, Auburn scored two or fewer touchdowns in six of eight Southeastern Conference games and finished 101st out of 119 Division I-A teams with an average of 298.3 yards per game.

uncle ron said...

Hey Chuck all I can say is.....BINGO, bring on Scotty

Unknown said...

Why would anyone think that Loeffler would be an improvement? Auburn's offense was one of the worst in the FBS this season.

maize n blue blood said...

i say scott as the qb coach not the oc.

FIRST YOU MUST FIRE FUNK AND BRING IN CAMERON NORCROSS, because this offense will not work if our offensive line will not run block