Friday, January 4, 2013

UA Quick Thoughts

  • Leon McQuay to USC
  • The next play Shane throws a pick
  • All the QB's looked pretty poor, including Shane
  • Shane had a nice drive at the end of the half and Treadwell dropped a TD pass
  • Conley looks like a pretty decent DB and a significant loss with LM3 going to USC
  • Ty Isaac didn't break any big runs
  • Its hard to watch the offensive lineman during the game
  • Poggi was the Michigan recruit MVP with a couple tackles, QB pressure and a fumble recovery
  • Treadwell looks like a good prospect but like most of the WR's in the game, had a hard time catching the ball
  • OSU has some very good skill position players

1 comment:

Lionman said...

LM3 was never coming to Michigan, so what ever on that..bunch of drama queens it seems. If they wanted to be at UM, they'd have already decided to join the family! It would be nice to get Green, but we should expect nothing further than the class we got, same as 2012. Go Blue!