Saturday, March 30, 2013

Great 8

In a game with 7 minutes to go, it was a but lost, but suddenly it wasn't.  Mentally, I was writing a post about KU's lay-up line and Michigan's poor man to man defense.    Where Burke had an off night and McGary carried the team.  I was wrong way wrong.

I have been critical of Beilein and his bizarre ways to lose in big games.  Not last night, wrong again.  The difference was the National Player of the Year in Trey Burke.  I was preparing a post about how I have a love hate relationship with college basketball, that a young team with so much talent could be done just as it was getting started, wrong once again.

If there is a poster boy for coming back to school it's Trey Burke, what a year and what a night!  He has a Final 4 look in his eye and only Florida stands in his way.  (GR3 please use Burke's experience to stay in school).  He would not let Michigan lose last night, yes Kansas helped with dumb turnovers and missed free throws, but the story is Trey and his 23 (Jordan) points after halftime.  On a personal note, I paid $40 in the middle of the Ocean to get WiFi to watch this game.  It was worth every penny!

It was a great and improbable win for the ages, sort of the Indiana loss in reverse.  Every Championship team needs one of these types of wins, lets hope this is a sign of something very special to come.   These are the games that turn great players into legends.  Lets hope he has 3 more similar performances in him.

See you Easter Sunday my friend!

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Voice of Reason said...

It is quite possible that Michigan just beat the best team in the tournament in Kansas. Not to say the other teams [Duke, Syracuse, Louisville, OSU, Florida] won't be tough but the best team IMO was Kansas.