Monday, March 18, 2013

Michigan Monday: Visit Reactions and Auburn Hills

I didn't see a 4 seed coming, I was thinking a 2 or 3 a week ago. With the loss to Wisconsin and how Michigan has played of late a 4 seed seems about right.   They are lucky to be staying home and playing in Auburn Hills.   I don't know if they will be staying out there or sleeping in their own beds but either way its nice for the Wolverines to be close to home.   I don't know much about the Jackrabbits but I'm sure they will be ready to play and looking to beat Michigan in their backyard.

Now on to Recruiting:

  • Hand had a "great visit" in his words.  He enjoyed hanging out with the players the most.   He will be back up for the ND game for his official visit.

  • Berger enjoyed the visit and his highlight was watching practice and how the coaches were flying around in practice.   He mentioned new coach Roy Manning and he and his dad got to spend some time 1 on 1 with Roy after practice.  Still planning an early summer decision and looking to visit OSU and Tennessee next.

  • Doles was similar to Berger in his reaction, he enjoyed seeing practice and the how the coaches interact with the players.  There wasn't a commit and he could be very close to a decision.  I wonder if he is waiting on another offer or something.  It seems he has the highest probability to be Michigan's next commit but we will see.

  • Weishar is excited about Michigan and enjoyed talking with the coaches and the school overall.  He is clearly a guy that is high on academics.   He will visit ND next in a couple weeks.  Most believe this to be a Michigan - ND race with ND the slight leader out of the gate.

Here are some of the number for the early enrollees for Spring Ball:

Butt = 88
Douglas = 7
LTT = 72
Bosch = 65
Thomas = 25
Taco= 33

Here is an article on Denard's impressive Pro Day and how Big Will might be moving up from a un-drafted free agent to being drafted.   Kovas is still 50/50 if he will be a drafted vs. a free agent but he helped his cause with a strong Pro Day.


Voice of Reason said...

I've been reading and hearing the basketball prognosticators say that because Michigan plays no defense and don't rebound that they are frauds and will be bounced out of the tourney early. It sounds as though, Michigan should be fortunate to be a 4th seed.

Bob said...

They were a 5th seed in the Big Ten tournament but ranked 6th nationally before the Big Ten Tourney. I'm worried Michigan was playing better then most teams early on but didn't get better like most other teams.