Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Hates These Reports

I hate when kids don't take advantage of their opportunities.  Most of us will never have the opportunity to put on the winged helmet and run out of the tunnel at the Big House.  That has to be a special feeling. 

The opportunity I'm talking about is having your entire education bill paid for at one of the top Universities in the World.    What did the back-up QB at OSU say a couple years ago?  "We are here to play football not play school".  The problem is that line of thinking.   I know us Wolverine fans like to make fun of OSU with that quote but don't be fooled, there are a few folks on Michigan's roster that thinks the same way.   That line of thinking leads to these type of reports:

Ex-Michigan receiver Jerald Robinson arrested on felony drug trafficking charge.   Robinson left the team in December and now got busted outside of Cleveland with 447 grams of marijuana.  Robinson was a RR recruit who never really developed into the WR most of us were hoping for.  He was expected to start last year.  He didn't and left the team.  If you remember he was put on probation in Ann Arbor last summer when he ran through a parking garage gate.   His opportunity was leveraging a Michigan degree into a profession that he enjoyed, not to play in the NFL.   Another opportunity missed.

  • DB Jabrill Peppers will visit Ann Arbor on April 3rd.

  • Another WR name to watch is KJ Williams from Bethlehem, Pa.  KJ is high on Michigan and Rutgers right now.

  • Trey Burke was named an All American by the Basketball Writers.

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